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What was the most disappointing, tourist infested place you’ve ever been?



u/blueeyesredlipstick 3d ago

I'm sure other cities have this problem, too, but there's an epidemic in NYC of pop-up "museums" that are essentially just Instagram backgrounds. There are some great temporary exhibits in the city all the time that genuinely have cool artwork, or historical items, or just make for a neat experience. ...and then there's ones that just have a bunch of backdrops for people to pose in front of and maybe a placard.

Special shoutout to the 'Museum of Candy' that was hosted in a random warehouse and where you didn't even get any candy with your ticket admission.


u/CarryUsAway 3d ago

This is an epidemic in many big cities. It is a huge scam, and I don’t understand how it’s not getting more attention. There are a few shady companies - Fever is a big one - that put on these “immersive experiences” that are essentially projections on a wall in a crappy warehouse. They charge an arm and a leg, and there are stories of the company never giving a location of the event and people lose their money. The whole thing is really, really weird.

I would link stories but I am on my phone. Try Googling “Fever immersive experience scams” and articles should come up.


u/SmartAZ 3d ago

Oh yes, the Van Gogh "immersive experience" was extremely lame! I see they are now doing it for many other artists too.


u/kittycowww 2d ago

Van Gogh is my favorite painter so I bought the VIP tickets waaay in advance. Almost a year in advance. I don't think there's a scale that can measure my disappointment with the actual event.


u/freefreckle 2d ago

I couldn't decide which were better, the tacky plastic mirrors in the sunflower room, the $2 string lights stuck to the ceiling in the night sky room, or the shitty pixelated projections of the actual paintings.

I'm a huge van Gogh fan too and can say with confidence he would want that whole exhibition set on fire.

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u/MikeDarsh 3d ago

9 out of 10 “museums of ______” in NYC now are bullshit Instagram backgrounds. They’re popping up everywhere like lanternflies


u/bucketofcoffee 3d ago

Someone needs to make a “Museum of Instagram Backgrounds” but you can’t take any pictures, just read placards about the backgrounds. “This background is from The Museum of _____ circa 2011”


u/ClonePants 2d ago

Ha! It should be called the Met...a.

(I'll show myself out.)

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u/Farmerdrew 3d ago

Fun fact - I killed three lantern flies in Central Park last month.


u/MikeDarsh 3d ago

Thank you for your service

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u/Phalanx976 3d ago

Was in NYC a while back. Museum of ice cream was the lamest fucking thing I’ve ever done on a vacation. Museum of sex, however, was informative, fun, and a bit weird - highly recommend.


u/profmoxie 3d ago

The Museum of Sex has been around for a couple of decades now and is totally not a pop-up museum. Highly recommended!


u/Internal_Essay9230 3d ago

But shouldn't it BE a pop-up museum? 🍆

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u/prosa123 3d ago

Fun fact: the Museum of Sex requires proper attire, no nudity.

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u/TonyTheEvil 3d ago

If there's a neon sign that says something in cursive just don't bother

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u/mousekopf 3d ago

I made the mistake of going to the “Museum of Illusions” popup downtown. Tix were free, thought it would be fun. But nope, just a bunch of rooms with wobbly checkerboard patterns and forced perspective props. Super lame.


u/imperialviolet 3d ago

I recently went to the Museum of Illusions in Toronto. Eye wateringly expensive, tiny museum with illusions you’ve seen a million times since your childhood. Literally just photo ops. The front of house said it would take about an hour, we were done in 20 mins.

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u/themadventure 3d ago

I went to that in May and actually paid admission. It was really lame.

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Oh yea, I went to a Banksy "exhibition" and it was the biggest disgrace. I don't even know what I expected but it was held in some abandoned garage, 1.5 hour + lineup and every single "piece" was a projection or an animated projected of his work which was extra cringe.

It was pathetic, and I'm a goober for falling for it.

Bonus goober points for the folks who somehow bought "VIP tickets" which, and I'm not joking, made it "VIP" by giving people used 90's headphones that narrated the pieces lol, they were all in the exact same crowded room as the rest of us.

What a sham, and if you ever even think about going to one, it's all on you. This is your warning.

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u/outerproduct 3d ago

Nassau, Bahamas. It was like being in a very expensive prison.


u/watermama 3d ago

My grandpa was born and raised in the Bahamas. We used to visit periodically to see a gang of old lady relatives who lived in Nassau, starting in the 1970s. There used to be a nice old fashioned island feel to the place, lovely old shops and awesome quiet beaches. Once they built Atlantis and all the cruise ships started dumping people in town everything started looking like a crappy strip mall and everything fell apart. Now it's dangerous and horrible and all the Bahamians hate all the tourists and can't be bothered.

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u/Coookie_Thumper 3d ago

Prices they charge you for the quality you get is downright criminal (looking at you Atlantis).


u/jpiro 3d ago

Atlantis flat-out isn't "The Bahamas." It's a theme park that happens to be in The Bahamas.

I absolutely love that country, but also 100% get why people who've only ever been to Nassau or GBI hate it, particularly if they've visited either on a cruise.

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u/Appropriate_Panda467 3d ago edited 2d ago

The room with the Mona Lisa in it.

Couldn’t get anywhere near it and it’s not that big of a painting to see from the back of the room when all the people in front of you had giant cameras. Maybe it’s better in the age of cell phone cameras - but I doubt it.

Edited to add I am so excited many of you agree with me! I saw the Mona Lisa when I was 18 back in 2005 and many other pieces in the Louvre partly led to my getting a degree in the history of art. But, damn, that was a crowded room!!


u/ImGonnaCum 3d ago

So specific and so correct. I was just telling my brother how crowded that room is and the palace of Versailles tour was like one long shuffling queue.


u/Tiara_at_all_times 3d ago

I fully acknowledge that I’ll sound like an asshole for this, but — for my 40th birthday last month we stayed 2 nights in the hotel on the grounds of Versailles, and part of the experience is an after hours / behind the scenes tour of the palace, with just us and a guide. It was AMAZING


u/bb_LemonSquid 3d ago

That sounds very nice & expensive! 🤑


u/Tiara_at_all_times 2d ago edited 2d ago

It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime type splurges! Our normal hotel budget definitely isn’t that (The backstory is that my husband thought the only way I wouldn’t be a basket case on my 40th is if I woke up at a castle. Edit: he was correct )


u/YourNeighborsHotWife 2d ago

I have a few years until I turn 40, I’m going to add “wake up in a historic castle” to my plans to help avoid waking up with an existential crisis.

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u/ballrus_walsack 2d ago

Username checks out.

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u/PhysicistInTheGarden 3d ago

The tour of the palace was awful but I could roam around the gardens at Versailles for weeks.


u/mstakenusername 3d ago

If possible go in the dead of winter, I had a lot of fun roaming the halls with maybe 100 other people in the whole place.


u/mkculs 3d ago

40 and raining. This WI woman had the gardens all to herself for a bit.

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u/Canuck-In-TO 3d ago edited 2d ago

Pre booking your tour times and booking an early morning appointment is a huge must.
Unbelievable, how great we all felt walking by the massive line waiting to buy tickets. I think we waited all of 10 minutes to get in.

Next time, we’d also rent a cart or bicycles (at the centre of the gardens) . My feet were killing me from walking the gardens of Versailles.

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u/trustons 3d ago

Not only that, but it's probably one of the most underwhelming famous paintings ever. It's small and you've already seen it 10000000 times.

Skip it.

My friend and I saw SO MUCH amazing stuff in the time our friends waited to shuffle up to the Mona Lisa.


u/ClownfishSoup 3d ago

What is amazing are the MASSIVE murals in the other galleries. Like floor to ceiling murals of battle scenes. One day really isn't enough to wander the whole Louvre. But unless you really like art, it does get boring. (Sorry art people!).


u/tonytroz 3d ago

Even if you really like art those kinds of museums can be exhausting. They're huge and you're on your feet for hours. We did the Denon wing audio guide highlights tour and it was a perfect length.

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u/Phader24 3d ago

Hollywood blvd … literally a worse version of NY Times Square (which also sucks)


u/lost40s 3d ago

Came here to say this.. I remember the smell most of all - a heady mixture of weed smoke, urine, and tour bus exhaust.


u/Lambfudge 3d ago

Local here: can confirm.

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u/RadRhubarb00 3d ago

Moved to LA and figured I should go the the Blvd to check it out at least once. Got there, walked around for like 5 minutes and was like "WTF thats it!" and left to never go back lol.

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u/TheUnicornCowboy 3d ago

Hollywood Blvd looks like if the Tenderloin and Reno had a baby.

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u/TheSchwartzIsWithMe 3d ago

You can always tell a tourist on Hollywood Blvd because they're the only ones not trying to leave

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u/mmmatthew 3d ago

There's a bunch of cool old spots dripping with history and old school hollywood charm on/near the blvd--Musso and Frank Grill, Graumann's/TCL Chinese Theatre, Boardners, Frolic Room, The Magic Castle--but yeah the street itself is grimy chaos.

IMO it's worth experiencing for like 10 minutes if only to see how different it is than what you've imagined, before seeking out one of the spots above and/or leaving. LA has hundreds of better areas to visit.

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u/Korpikuusenalla 3d ago

The leaning tower of Pisa.

A field of tourists trying to take a picture of the tower without other tourists in it and souvenir shops trying to sells those tourists stuff.


u/hikebikedive 3d ago

I remember a group of young Chinese tourists taking their time going through the souvenir items, one of them looked at me apologetically "we don't want to bring home something made from home." when it was my turn to look at the key chains in particular, indeed, the souvenirs are made in China.


u/Plasibeau 2d ago

See that a lot with the Chinese nationals that come to shop the huge outlet malls in California. My SIL will come over with my brother and they'll drop 20k in a day. Then they'll buy a couple of large pieces of luggage (pretty sure that's why there's always a luggage store at outlet malls) fill them to bursting and fly back to China with the goods. Depending on the product, its value is heavily dependent on brand, (luxe brands are 2-3x expensive in China) but according to my brother, they can fund their entire trip plus some by doing this.

They like to come over around Thanksgiving to catch Black Friday sales.


u/TucuReborn 2d ago

I had an older coach in HS who said he used to sell jeans in Russia over summer break when in college. Said that designer US brands sold like hotcakes in some cities, and he could get hundreds a pair in profits. He'd just take a couple of suitcases with just jeans, flip them, fly back, and do it all summer long.

Not sure how true it was, but I can believe it.


u/TurnOfFraise 2d ago

An old boss of my brothers was stopped when he was in Russia and offered quite a bit of money for the pair of (designer) jeans he was literally wearing at the time. He ended up selling all the jeans he had with him at the time and made a decent bit of money.

A friend of mine also did an exchange program in highschool, I want to say Belgium? Either way there were very strict instructions on what and how many of certain items you were allowed to bring due to people selling clothing. Nothing could go over with tags.

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u/The-Only-Razor 3d ago

The tower is neat, as is the cathedral next to it.

It's the rest of the city that's a complete shithole letdown.


u/Hot_Dot8000 3d ago

I had zero expectations for Pisa and I roamed around for a bit and it was ok!

Not somewhere I'd spend a few days, but a few hours was fine

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u/Lallner 3d ago

Every cruise ship port in the Caribbean


u/BGFalcon85 3d ago

A coworker had a cruise re-routed from its original itinerary to the Bahamas because of a hurricane. He was pretty upset and called the Bahamas "the McDonalds of the Caribbean."


u/HottestGoblin 3d ago

I don't even get off the ship anymore in Nassau. I just enjoy the opportunity to have a mostly empty ship and drink cocktail after cocktail on the pool deck and enjoy the scenery of the clear blue waters around the ship.

The port at Nassau is overrun with pushy vendors, scammers, and shady characters and the Bahamaian Government needs to do something about it because it's gotten a lot worse and it has to be hurting the bottom line since Nassau has gained quite a lousy reputation recently. Other ports will have this to a degree too, but it's nothing like Nassau.


u/tacknosaddle 3d ago

Other ports will have this to a degree too, but it's nothing like Nassau.

If you ever stay in a place that cruise ships visit it's like two completely different places when they are there or not. If you hit the shops & vendors when the ships aren't there it's way more chill and they're a lot more open to negotiating down the prices.


u/BxGyrl416 3d ago

I was in Ocho Rios for the day and it was completely different once the gargantuan cruise ship left. I think all ports are kind of sketchy to a degree.

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u/JoeyCalamaro 3d ago

I don't even get off the ship anymore in Nassau. I just enjoy the opportunity to have a mostly empty ship and drink cocktail after cocktail on the pool deck and enjoy the scenery of the clear blue waters around the ship.

We learned this trick on our very first cruise, which happened to pass through Nassau. The stops were very touristy and after the first destination or two, we decided that we'd either make the stops very brief (I'm not sure we spent even an hour in Nassau) or we'd skip them altogether.

Hanging out on the ship was much more enjoyable —especially considering it was mostly empty.

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u/JExmoor 3d ago

I'm a birder, so when I hit a port on a cruise without a specific itinerary in mind, I usually just end up walking somewhere to look for birds and wildlife. Nassau was beautiful once I made it maybe half a mile from the cruise terminal. I walked down streets with beautiful houses and went to a small bird preserve. Then I walked over to the beach where the taxis take tourists, which looked horrible, but the greenbelts and ponds nearby were lovely.

The whole cruise experience is very different for me, actually. 99% of the ship is in the casino or drinking by the pool while I'm watching a pod of 1000 dolphins, albatrosses, etc.


u/MaxParedes 3d ago

It's often surprising just how little ground you have to cover in even the most touristy places to get away from the throngs. When I was in Florence the difference between Piazza della Signoria and (e.g.) the Sant'Ambrogio area was like night and day, and it's less than a 15 minute walk between them.

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u/joey1886 3d ago

Jamaica was the grossest and most depressing place I've ever been. It was terrible. Crowds of kids and people grabbing in your pockets constantly. Following you around like a zombie movie


u/MonkeyManJohannon 3d ago

We watched 3 men sell “weed” to several cruise passengers getting off in Montego Bay…then watched as the 3 men and kids playing the instruments just outside of the port docking ramp were pointing out the passengers as we boarded…with armed “police” waiting beside them.


u/MurseWoods 2d ago

What happened to the passengers?? Was it just a shakedown for cash, or did something actually happen to them?

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u/Sir_Arthur_Vandelay 3d ago

I have probably visited nearly 100 countries over my lifetime, but only Jamaica scared me.


u/BxGyrl416 3d ago

Which part did you go to? Kingston was pretty boring and the airport staff was miserable.


u/Sir_Arthur_Vandelay 3d ago

We visited Kingston, Dunns River Falls, a market town in the Blue Mountains and a few other tourist spots.

It is a beautiful island, and I’m never going back.

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u/dreamy_25 3d ago edited 2d ago

My own city in the last 10 years. Amsterdam really took a nosedive. Lots of unique little shops disappeared in favor of approx. 10 million frozen yogurt/chocolate waffle stores. Tourists used to be a few chill, cheery groups interested in the city they were in - now they sometimes look like hordes of zombies hobbling from one tourist trap to the other. Painstakingly slowly, and of course taking up the whole sidewalk.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I still love and appreciate my city and think it's well worth the visit. As a matter of fact, I would like to see MORE tourists who actually visit Amsterdam FOR Amsterdam - its architecture, history, culture, etc... Instead of hopping from one chain store to the next, or acting crazy because one thinks one can do anything and everything in this "free city"...

Amsterdam can still offer a great time, but make sure to prepare properly so you can avoid the tourist traps that bloat the cityscape and have out-competed the independent shops that gave my city its unique character.

I posted my comment in the context of having lived here my whole life: Amsterdam now often feels disappointing to me, specifically, because I can compare it to the way it was 10-15 years ago. And it's unfortunately just not the same.


u/markymrk720 3d ago edited 2d ago

Heading to Amsterdam in a month and this makes me sad. 😭



Honestly, go see what you want to see in Amsterdam, then grab a train out of the city. The transit network is fucking amazing, and not crowded since everyone is on bikes. Are you fit? Grab a bike and just gooo.

Head to a nearby town like Haarlem, and then soak in the Dutch culture. If you like war history, head to Nijmegen for the day and visit the liberation museum. The small towns in the Netherlands are the best, Amsterdam is neat, but it's not the best way to explore the Netherlands IMO.

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u/Ladybug_Fuckfest 3d ago

I didn't like Amsterdam at first because it was so crowded and touristy. But then it rained. Just a light pleasant rain and 90% of the tourists stayed inside. We grabbed umbrellas and had a wonderful day walking around and exploring the city unimpeded.

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u/soupnugget 3d ago

Don't get discouraged, it's Dutch nature to be pessimistic and sour about things like this. Yes, for people here it can get annoying if tourists block the roads or bicycle paths, but there are a lot of areas that you can explore outside of the "standard" streets and canals. There's a reason it's a popular destination. Just don't stand in the bicycle paths :o)

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u/wyatt_sw 3d ago

Yellowstone NP is fantastic when it's just you or a few other people. However, most of the main sites are so full of people it really feels like Disney World at some points instead of nature. It's also infuriating when I see so many tourist disrespecting the nature by walking off of the paths/board walks and leaving trash around.


u/Keyspam102 3d ago

The thing with Yellowstone is that as soon as you get off the main drives, it’s almost deserted. I did a two week backpacking trip there during July, the big areas like prismatic and old faithful were packed to an unbearable extent but literally just hiking half a mile from the parking lot and we only saw a few people per day at the most.


u/AtlEngr 3d ago

One of the Rangers told us that some insane % (like 90 maybe?) of people never get more than 1/2 a mile from a main road or parking lot.


u/BeatrixFarrand 3d ago

I think it’s actually more insane - we were told that in Yellowstone, less than 5% make it further than 100 yards from the road. I will never forget being at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, with people throwing elbows to get better selfies, yelling / being incredibly loud, and the sound of tour buses.

We walked two minutes down the trail and…silence. Nothing but the roar of the river and sounds of nature.

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u/bumblingneanderthal 3d ago

I can say the same of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Most major outdoor destinations are like this I think, there is usually a single feature people want to go take photos of or they just want to make a quick stop.

They typically are not outdoors people, but they appreciate it to some degree.


u/grease_monkey 2d ago

I'm ok with that. All the state parks in my state are like that. The big draw attraction is fairly close to the parking lot and I think that's nice. Let old or less physically able people see the pretty cliff or waterfall, they deserve it too.

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u/MuttonDelmonico 3d ago

When I entered Yellowstone, there was like a 30 minute traffic jam because literally every car in front of mine stopped to take a photo of a single elk. When we finally got to the visitor's center ... there was a herd of like 50 elk just standing around.


u/Glomar_Denial 3d ago

That elk totally knew what it was doing.


u/thishasntbeeneasy 3d ago

It was probably a cardboard elk put there for traffic calming

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u/Zer0designs 3d ago

I stood in a 30 minute queue at plitvice (croatia) at the point of the first waterfall of the walking trail, because people were taking selfies (we couldn't see what caused the queue).Turns out theres an actual image point around the corner (where the boardwalk enlarges so people can also pass). Oh and the park is home to hundreds of waterfalls, so everyone was waiting for no reason at all.

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u/cmherbert 3d ago

I went to Yellowstone in October. Was perfect as it's the end of the season, and most people are in school. Had some problems at Old Faithful, but otherwise, it was great! Sometimes I think when planning a vacation to a high tourist area you have to think of the time of year. We typically go to places at the end of September beginning of October to miss all the people. Even in Europe we do this.

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u/exhale358 3d ago

To add to this, Yosemite was beautiful and I found it incredibly difficult to be in nature not surrounded by strangers

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u/luckybeee 3d ago

Venice in August, I felt bad being there. Luckily was only a day trip but it was like something from a horror film.


u/Proper-Emu1558 3d ago

It’s beautiful but I thought that it must be hellish to live there (at least sometimes). So many tourists. Pisa was similar, in part of the city.


u/Rajili 3d ago

I was gonna say Pisa. We only went there because we needed to fly out of there to get to Bulgaria (or Hungary, I don’t remember, but it was logistical). Ok we saw the tower. Now what? People everywhere, not much else. The food was good like the rest of Italy, so that was nice. Just kind of a let down of a place to go.


u/Asleep_Onion 3d ago edited 3d ago

When I went to Pisa (for work, not vacation) I went to the tower of course, and saw the typical massive crowd of people around it, doing the obvious poses where they look like they're holding it up for a photo op, etc... but then I figured out that you can actually pay a small fee and go up to the top of the tower, which before that day I just always assumed probably wasn't allowed. And apparently something that pretty much everyone else there also assumed. Because there was zero line to get into the tower. Bought a ticket (probably $15 euro? I can't remember) and got to walk all the way up the stairs around the tower to the top, and it was a lot of fun. Hardly anyone else was in there, felt like I had the tower to myself. And this was on a day that was otherwise VERY crowded outside the tower.

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u/Lambfudge 3d ago

I was in Venice in late September last year, so off peak season, and I was told they stopped letting cruise ships stop there, so it wasn't completely packed. I had a great time, but the sections of the city that were closer to St. Mark's were still quite crowded. That, and the shops went from local restaurants around our Airbnb to Chanel stores by St. Mark's.

But I still had a great time and it was beautiful. I could see if it were more overrun with tourists that it would be unmanageable. Those tiny alleys you have to walk through would get crowded fast.

I also saw a woman set up a camera and film herself dancing in front of the basilica for an entire hour, constantly going and checking the footage. When she finally had what she needed, she packed up and went inside to see its splendor. (Just kidding: she packed up and left without so much as glancing at the overwhelming beauty around her.)

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u/millyloui 3d ago

Worst time to go - end Sept/Oct its lovely


u/CosmicOwl47 3d ago

I was there exactly a year ago and it was awesome. Didn’t feel crowded at all, just had a blast riding the water buses all around the city.

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u/Atheist_Alex_C 3d ago

The Sistine Chapel. It was incredible to see in person, but it was literally shoulder-to-shoulder with people and they were trying to usher everyone through as fast as possible, so I felt like I was in the way and couldn’t stay long. I would have loved to just gaze quietly at the ceiling and take it all in for several minutes, but that wasn’t an option.


u/Beestung 3d ago



u/Kevin_Uxbridge 2d ago

NO PHOTO! click click click click click NO PHOTO! click click click click click ...

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u/PrestigiousKing3614 3d ago
  • whistle blows *


u/MrDuballinsky 2d ago



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u/IntrinsicM 2d ago

Yes, the whistles!

I was expecting a serene experience and, holy smokes, this was not it.

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u/ima_mandolin 2d ago

My main memory of the Sisitine Chapel was the guard yelling SILENZIO! SILENZIO! the whole time.

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u/MxMstrMxyzptlk 2d ago

I don't even remember what it looked like when I went. We were rushed in, attendants yelled "no photo" every second, then everyone snuck photos anyway, then got rushed out.


u/pinkkittenfur 3d ago

Ugh, I had the same experience. I was there at the end of June and not only was it crowded, it was 38°C, so it was fucking miserable inside and reeked of body odor.


u/Sanders0492 2d ago

For anyone curious, you’re allowed to stop and admire. They try to keep the walking areas flowing, and if you stop in those areas they will get in your face to keep moving. But if you move out of the walking area (middle of the chapel) you can stay and look at the ceiling as long as you want. We were there at least 15 minutes.

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u/eckliptic 3d ago

Entire Vatican City experience was disappointing for how crowded it was, and we even was part of a tour that let us cut the line.

But Rome in general was A+ for me. Loved it as a city and a lot of touristy stuff was still cool to see even if it was crowded


u/lmxbftw 2d ago

I went to the Vatican once as soon as it opened up, since we were leaving Rome later that day. I don't know how, but I swear we were nearly the only people in St. Peter's. It was an absolutely incredible space, and quiet. Standing in front of the Pieta in silence, only a few others around who were also in reflective moods, it really did feel like a holy place.

I went back a different time and it was the more normal packed crowd. It was an entirely different feel, and quiet reflection was simply not possible.

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u/Apprehensive_Jaguar 3d ago edited 3d ago

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen was...underwhelming. To be fair though, I shouldn't really have expected to be whelmed by a little mermaid statue.


u/BrookeStardust 3d ago

It was so tiny and just swarmed by people with selfie sticks knocking each other in the head! I ended up skipping that adventure and exploring the area instead.

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u/Sustain_the_higher 3d ago

I live in a tourist city, Bath, and it's an absolute nightmare in summer and around Christmas

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u/lappyg55v 3d ago

Hollywood was such a tourist trap. I guess, see it once but expect to be disappointed. Lot of fake guys wanting to get money from you because they dressed up like spiderman.


u/ceanahope 3d ago

Go when it's raining. All the costumed people are not there, not a lot of people in general. I went in January when all the storms were hitting California. Street was pretty empty and quiet.

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u/MomTRex 3d ago

Las Ramblas in Barcelona, what a pickpocket paradise!


u/viktor72 2d ago

Oh God, I’m taking 80 Middle Schoolers and their parents there in November. We’re with an organization but this is a good thing to remind them about.


u/chinupshouldersdown 2d ago

We were warned on arrival. Still pickpocketed. They are professionals!

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u/cnasty_int 2d ago

As a local I just want to say that the pickpocketing is HORRIBLE. I haven’t had a single visitor who hasn’t gotten pickpocketed. In the metro they will pull your phone out of your hand as the doors close. Even with an organization they cannot stop any of this. My best tip is to put your phone in your bag, and to keep a hand on your bag at all time when on the metro or walking down Rambla. Generally outside of these two places (and raval) it’s not that big of a problem.


u/f-ingsteveglansberg 2d ago

I survived a week in Barcelona without getting pickpocketed. Do I get a medal?


u/Lonnbeimnech 2d ago

Unfortunately the person bringing you your medal was pickpocketed.

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u/daddysatan53 2d ago

Oh god and the guys getting up in your face trying to get you to come to their restaurant and try their overpriced paella and €10 cocktails !! I actually did have a near-pickpocket experience in BCN, but it was on the metro: as I was about to step onto a train, a guy tried to reach into my jacket pocket and grab my wallet. Luckily, people saw him and yelled at him and he ran away without getting anything, but that was the last time I put anything in my pockets lol

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u/PeterJoAl 3d ago

Any tourist destination in Bali. Beautiful place, amazing food, stunning vistas, friendly people, but the pushy salespeople on the street outside every tourist destination trying to extract every rupiah I had for tourist knick-knacks ruined a lot of the good vibe.


u/CreepyMangeMerde 3d ago edited 3d ago

Lombok, right next to Bali, offers pretty much the same stuff and has a lot less tourists. And if you go further east I'm pretty sure there are even better islands.

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u/ComfyHomonto 3d ago

Dubrovnik after GoT. So many Khaleesies


u/f1manoz 2d ago

I was in Dubrovnik before GoT and even then it was a bit of a tourist trap. It's probably a million times worse now.


u/Regular_Working_6342 2d ago

It's insane. We stayed there for 3 nights. The first day it felt real crowded, but was still a really cool thing to see if quite touristy. It's just a neat place to walk around and check things out. The second day 2 cruise ships came in and dear sweet God. I've literally been to festivals that felt less crowded, zero exaggeration.

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u/o1frmda4 3d ago edited 3d ago

Oxford Street, Central London. The place for you if you enjoy:

Claustrophobic levels of crowding, overpriced / borderline fraudulent retail, traffic that barely moves, groups of roadmen/hood teens everywhere


u/SparklePenguin24 3d ago

As a northerner I was always led to believe that Oxford Street was the place to be and had amazing shops. I was gutted when I got there when I was 21 to find that most of the shops were available in Newcastle, some resembled market stalls just indoors, and the rest sold tourist tat. Honestly gutted. Haven't been back and I'm now 38.

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u/HoxtonRanger 3d ago

It’s an utter dump but there’s nothing to enjoy there if it was empty. Go to Soho

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u/MastodonPristine8986 3d ago

All Londoners actively avoid it and the tube stations nearby.

Same with Leicester Square.

It's also pickpocket central. There are so many nicer, quieter places.

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u/RhinestoneHousewife 3d ago

Cairo......all of Cairo.


u/alicization 2d ago

I'll never forget that reddit thread where people were asked which country they'd never go back to and almost all the top comments were Egypt. Such a shame considering that the country has a really rich history.

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u/ImprovementUsual1361 3d ago

Plymouth Rock


u/Educational_Syrup513 3d ago

From that area and the locals called it "the biggest disappointment in history" because everyone that goes there expects it to be a grand monument. When, in fact, its just a rock in a hole. About a 3 minute drive north and you find the National Monument of the Forefathers. An 80 ft tall elaborate statue made out of a solid piece of granite that literally nobody has ever heard of.


u/daddylupo 3d ago

The BEST place to bring the dog for a walk.. nobody's ever there!

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u/coolerking66 3d ago

Yeah no kidding. I got taken for a school field trip. Like wtf was that?!


u/Snowy_Escape 3d ago

Wait, I just googled it. Is it literally.. Just a rock?


u/ImprovementUsual1361 3d ago

It’s a small rock down a hole in a small metal cage. Holy shit it’s a massive waste of time


u/angiosperms- 3d ago

Yup grew up in MA and did the whole "see the stupid rock on a field trip" thing. I thought it was gonna be a huge boulder at least. Nope, just a regular ass rock they probably picked off the beach and put in a cage. Salem witch museum is also lame as hell.

We did tour an old boat in Plymouth though, that was cool. And there is a revolutionary war national park that is cool and free. Got to see some dude shoot a musket.

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u/coolerking66 3d ago

Literally. I couldn't believe it. I pictured like some kinda big ass boulder or rocky area of cost. But yeah its literally what improvement said it is lol


u/gallaj0 3d ago

And it's just some random rock.

They don't even make any claim that it's something actually related to the Pilgrims, or something they used as a boat dock or door stop. It's just some random rock the local tourist group grabbed, carved "1620" on it and put in a cage to make it look important.

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u/motormouth08 3d ago

The Alamo. I didn't expect it to be next door to a goddamn shopping mall.


u/cantgetmuchwurst 2d ago

Did you get to see the basement?

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u/Y_U_Need_Books4 3d ago

Myrtle Beach. Just don't go.


u/local_fartist 3d ago edited 2d ago

Well, if you want to get trashed on a blue alcoholic slushy while playing minigolf on a pirate ship on Business Hwy 17 you should go. But otherwise you should probably not. Surprisingly it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US right now.


to add, there is something special about a town where you can get married, receive a lap dance, and fire a gun in the same strip mall.


u/ShinjukuAce 2d ago

It’s growing fast because of retirees being priced out of Florida.

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u/NorkinMan7 3d ago

It's the closest thing that West Virginians have to their own beach.


u/drownednotgod 3d ago

Hagerstown, MD (city near WV state line) has an airport that literally only sells tickets to two destinations- one of them is Myrtle Beach. That tells me everything

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u/elegantsweatshirt 3d ago

Never go to the Van Gogh “immersive experience” — it’s the biggest bit of malarkey I’ve ever paid $50 for. You’re just trapped inside a blurry, underwhelming PowerPoint presentation where the art is not even presented in logical sequence and the music is arse.


u/midnight_riddle 2d ago

They blast you with such terrible music, it's like a horror movie scene when someone is overdosing on drugs.

Yeah here's the Van Gogh experience: wanting to cut your own ears off.

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u/Brian_Corey__ 2d ago

And LOUD. My kids hated how loud it was and begged to leave. It was sorta cool, but not $50 cool. And the lack of curation or context is borderline criminal. Just a random slideshow.

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u/pensive_daydreamer 3d ago

Hollywood Blvd


u/littlemarcus91 3d ago edited 3d ago

Don’t even get me started on the sleazy “superhero” photo op shake downs.


u/Jaymanchu 3d ago

Hey man, here’s my free mix CD, now give me $15.00

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u/DrinkVictoryGin 3d ago edited 3d ago

Roswell, NM

I’m somewhat of a sci-fi nerd. For starters and to give you a general sense of the experience, we came across like one alien themed store, in the city. And one pathetic little sci-fi “museum” that was just a small space in a strip mall filled with the most unimpressive pieces of crap like glow in the dark posters for sale. I guess I expected the Roswell Incident to have a somewhat prominent presence in the city.

Also there was a sci-fi convention happening at the time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident. This was part of how I timed the trip. This “convention” took up only 1/4 of the ballroom. It was mostly self-published “authors” of various levels credibility and patheticness. Ok, so the one bright side was I met Langley from the X-Files! That was cool, but Roswell in general is just like any other city and apparently takes no pride in its place in sci-fi history. Disappointing, and a long drive.

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u/littlemarcus91 3d ago

Orlando most of the year but in particular the summertime.

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u/ARandomPileOfCats 3d ago

Cabo San Lucas. It's certainly pretty, and the tourists aren't the problem, it's that you can't go anywhere in town or on the beaches without being constantly hounded by people trying to sell you stuff.


u/looseseal-bluth 3d ago

“Cocaine? Marijuana? A husband? A boyfriend?” Was what we got whenever we ventured away from the hotel area

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u/funguy07 2d ago

I was at a beach in Mexico once and got fed up with the people on the beach that wouldn’t leave me alone trying to sell things. So I took my drink and waded shoulder deep out into the water to just get some peace and quiet. I shit you not within 4 minutes a guy came up on a paddle board selling shit.

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u/fortunateson72 3d ago

Tourist infested? Prague. But it wasn't disappointing at all. I can't bitch about tourists when I'm one of them.


u/amazingwhat 3d ago

I went in 2016 around Easter and it was definitely touristy but honestly? The people were nice and there was generally enough room to walk and not feel like I was in a huge crowd. But also it was April, so probably not peak times

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u/flyingemberKC 2d ago

Have you watched the videos about the guy trying to stop the currency conversion scammers in Prague? Takes Euros, give old Belarus money?

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u/Hiker_64 3d ago

This will be an odd one, but North East Georgia during leaf season. I’m a local so once it starts it’s time to find alternative routes. It gets so bad during peak that emergency vehicles are not able to safely reach their destination. However places like Dahlonega and Blue Ridge depends on the commerce so it slightly reduces our taxes.

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u/YOSH_beats 3d ago

Mount Rushmore, the land around it is 1000X more spectacular to look at then the fuckin rock lol


u/OrangutanBeard 3d ago

"Why is it so small?"

My first and pretty much only reaction when I got there. It's always made to look like this colossal monument, but it really isn't.


u/RuralJuror1234 3d ago

Well don't go out of your way to visit Plymouth Rock

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u/buffaloeccentric 3d ago

Niagara Falls, overrun during the summer. The Ontario side is the tackiest of tourist destinations, the NY side is a great place to get shot in the face.


u/GuyKnitter 3d ago

It’s been a few decades since I was there, but experiencing the falls from the Maiden of the Mist boat ride was one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen and felt. I thought it was amazing.

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u/Weak-Snow-4470 3d ago

I thought Niagara was fun-tacky, though. The Canadian side, anyway. Didn't bother with the NY side.


u/BlitheringEediot 3d ago

The Canadian side is bright neon funzy tourist-trap. The American side is ancient depressing broken-down trash-pile who hasn't had a good day since 1929.


u/Valzar1954 3d ago

The falls are worth the visit but almost everyone who lives within a couple of hours knows to backtrack up to Niagara on a the Lake for the rest of the day.

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u/Madeline_Basset 3d ago

I visited Niagara Falls in December, when the place was empty of people, and the falls were frozen. It was fantastic, there's no better time to go.

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u/Schneetmacher 3d ago edited 2d ago

Times Square, NYC

It's just a bunch of screens. I'm not joking, that's it.

New York City is an amazing place, but please avoid this giant tourist distraction that offers nothing.

Side note: and for those who want to see the Statue of Liberty, since you can't go up in the crown anymore, the trip isn't really worth the unbelievable line, imo. Just take the Staten Island ferry ⛴️, and you'll get close to the statue and pass at a leisurely pace.

Then hop on the ferry back! Unless... you know, you want to hang out in Staten Island... which is entirely your prerogative, I mean... you do you!

Edit: a word


u/JS14Anonymous 3d ago

Only been to America, let alone NYC once, on a school trip at about 15 and admittedly I loved the city entirely but I felt Times Square was a must see, even though it is just a bunch of screens.

The scale of it was just crazy to me, even in London I’d never experienced that. I think the only difference is really which city you’re a tourist or local.

That being said, we did the Statue of Liberty in passing to Ellis Island which was amazing, gave you the sight of Liberty, an amazing view of NYC across the water, and also a fuck tonne if really interesting and important to recognise history.

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u/ThatsBushLeague 3d ago

I think the Statue of Liberty is worthwhile if you also go through Ellis Island.

That's where my family went through on the way here. Looking through the logs and finding grandparents and great grandparents and how our name was changed and all that was really cool.

From a family history perspective its 100% worth it if your family immigrated here at a time they would have gone through there.


u/imrealbizzy2 2d ago

I'd skip Lady Liberty and spend time at Ellis Island. We went on a frigid January day when there were no other idiots about. Found the grandparents' names on the manifests of their ships, their dates of departure and arrival in NY. It was wonderful.

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u/Ramrodron 3d ago

Savannah, Georgia. We went on a weekend thinking southern gentility/quirky Midnight in the Garden of Evil. Instead it was bachelorette parties, those bicycle bar things with lots of "woo woo" girls, and drunken frat guys vibe. It was much like Bourbon Street with the rowdy drunks.

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u/littlehungrygiraffe 3d ago

Leaning tower of Pisa

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u/iwishiwereonabeach 3d ago

Sadly I live there. Nashville, Tennessee


u/TGMcGonigle 3d ago

If you want to feel better check out what's become of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.


u/iwishiwereonabeach 3d ago

That’s ok it’s awful there too

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u/WanderlustFella 2d ago

Egypt. So many scammers and thieves. Can't check into a hotel without getting some miscellaneous upcharge. Can't take a taxi without having 50 miles tacked on to the fare or driver goes in an incredibly roundabout way. Can't report to the cops without paying a bribe fine for whatever fake penal code they make up. Then you go to the pyramids and its just a line full of more scammers. Fake tour guides, camel rides that will quote you a small charge, but end up charging you a ridiculous tab, miles of trinket shops, orphan pick pockets, the over population of tourist. Its just crazy. It's one of the few tourist locations that if you visit, you better know a local or you will get scammed during your trip, multiple times.

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u/IreCalifornia 3d ago

Ground Zero in NYC. It wasn't so much the number of tourists, but rather the number of smiling selfies being taken. It felt like it was in bad taste.


u/SuccotashOther277 2d ago edited 2d ago

I was at Auschwitz a few years ago and people were snapping photos and smiling like they were at Disney World.

Edit: Because this comment has had a few responses, I wanted to add a few other details. I am a historian, so I promised I was not going to be that guy raising his hand to answer all the tour guide's rhetorical questions, but it was weird that no one in the group seemed to know anything. I don't think they knew which war happened in which the Holocaust took place. Some people were somber and respectful, but many were snapping pictures like at Disney World, as I said; others were smoking, despite the tour guide yelling at them to stop. Others were being boisterous in a very rude way, considering where we were. I saw school trips as well with the kids goofing off and clearly not caring, though I guess that's sort of to be expected from kids (my group was with adults). This seems to be a somewhat common occurrence, unfortunately.


u/ooo-ooo-oooyea 2d ago

ugh, there are some holocaust sites in Budapest and people were doing the same things. Felt disgusted by it.

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u/PersonalAmbassador 3d ago

I had the same reaction, left a bad taste

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u/Flyinryans35 3d ago

This might get downvoted to hell but MILAN CATHEDRAL. Beautiful cathedral but whoever is running that as an attraction has utterly ruined it. They check the bags of everyone entering NOT looking for weapons, they’re looking for souvenirs that were not purchased at the official Milan Cathedral gift shop. The person has the choice to throw away the souvenir they bought or waste the ticket they had already purchased. I saw a trash can full of hundreds of dollars worth of souvenirs just because they were not purchased from the official store where you buy the entrance tickets. It was gut wrenching not only as a tourist, but as a Christian to see this. Beautiful cathedral ran by ugly and terrible people.

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u/CatFaceRocker 3d ago

Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

I don't want to sell my shoes to you, and I don't want to give everyone on the street a cigarette.

Just didn't feel safe at all, and there wasn't much jazz playing either - day and evening.

Lovely city tho.


u/Pheonixmoonfire 3d ago edited 2d ago

You want jazz in New Orleans, you should head over to Frenchmen street. Bourbon is filled with modern music, strippers and basic bitches with "Bride to be" sashes getting throw-up drunk on syrupy sweet cocktails.

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u/TheFoulWind 3d ago


5/10 wouldn’t go back

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u/LPNTed 3d ago

Pigeon Forge Tennessee... The only good thing there is Dolly Parton herself.

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u/ktr_herr 3d ago

Wondering people who are commenting... did they visit the place as a tourist themselves?


u/AdjNounNumbers 3d ago

Right. This falls into the whole "you're not stuck in traffic, you are part of traffic" thing. Growing up in Maine and living in Michigan, I've been on the side of "ugh, the tourists are here", but I've also found myself a tourist thinking "damn, there's a lot of us here mucking up the place".

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u/McBurger 3d ago

and also they're leaving out the part of the answer that explains why it was the "most disappointing" lol

this is just "places with a lot of tourism"

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u/mschuster91 3d ago

Munich during the two weeks of hell better known as Oktoberfest. Sadly, I live here. Thankfully, at least this year for some reason (probably people are still fearing covid) there don't seem to be as many people... but prior to covid, it was legitimately fucked up. Drunk people, vomit, feces everywhere.

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u/Grasshop 3d ago

Prague was absolutely beautiful, but holy shit the amount of tourists and general chaos in the busy squares really dampened the mood a bit

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u/reijasunshine 3d ago

Salem, Massachusetts.

I knew there would be a ton of witch-hunt hype, but I wanted to see 17th century buildings and locations, not dozens of cheesy gift shops.


u/myviolincase 2d ago

I work in Salem. I enjoy the maritime history and the architecture. There are some good restaurants. Hate the terrible traffic, and the whole month of October is so annoying.

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u/pygmeedancer 3d ago

Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It is a clown town. An affront to polite society. There are brick-and-mortar funnel cake businesses. There’s a Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum. It’s like someone took a carnival and made it permanent.

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u/TLC_4978 3d ago

Anything Disney! I grew up living near Disney, so we went a lot (80’s). It was still crowded and pricey, but nothing like it has become today. I went a couple years ago on a trip back home. I could not believe the prices and crowds. It was miserable.

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u/anormalgeek 2d ago

The wharf in San Francisco. It's literally ONLY a tourist trap. A bunch of dumb touristy gift shops and nothing else.

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u/McKenzie_OX 3d ago

Cancun. It was still majestically beautiful but practically impossible for a first time 19yr old to navigate without getting separated from all his cash.


u/Taken949 3d ago edited 3d ago

Cancun is great if you come prepared. Naivety will hinder you in a lot of places, and separate you from your money in a lot of places as well.

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u/Wkdp1ssa86 3d ago

The big Christmas tree at Rockefeller center NYC around Christmas... So packed I got just close enough to barely squeeze myself out.. Didn't even really see the tree... That area always looks so nice in movies 🤷.Time square also.. straight up stressful just being there . An I still don't understand why gridlock traffic everyone feels the need to beep their horn constantly as if there is anywhere to go?..I'm just to country boy I guess...


u/nessao616 3d ago

Go between 5am and 6am and it is so peaceful and majestic. There were only a handful of others spread out over the entire block. Core memory with Christmas music playing faintly in the still of the morning.

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u/northofreality197 3d ago

Byron Bay. It used to be a sleepy little hippy town with cool local artists. Now it's all chain shops & instagram influencers.

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