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  1. Instead of "Has anyone heard about Wilkos? What do you think?" try "What do you think about the downfall of Wilkos?"
  2. Instead of "Does anyone go for walks? Where do you go?" try "Where are some secluded walks in Yorkshire?"
  3. Instead of "Can anyone recommend some good dogging sites?" try "Where are the best dogging locations in Kent?"

Don't forget, if you're asking people's experiences or for their recommendations, put the research in that you've done before coming here to ask. For example:

  1. What do you think about the downfall of Wilkos?
    Having seen the news I think it's a shame that people won't be able to get the random bits of odd crap that Wilkos sold, where will I go to get ant powder and tinsel from every other year now?
  2. Where are some secluded walks in Yorkshire?
    I've been all through the dales, from Edale to Castleford and I'm looking for something new that fewer people have been down. I've hit the top 10 list on google, so where's next? Where's your local walk?
  3. Where are the best dogging locations in Kent?
    Crufts comes about just once a year and I've got two lovely miniature Dachspoodles that I'm desparate to show off in as many dog shows as possible. I'm signed up to Paws in the Park, but where else can I go?

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r/AskUK 11h ago

What's the most regretful purchase you've made?


£400 Diamond Hospitality to watch the Lionesses at Wembley in April this year, vs Brazil. Excellent game and a great meal. Plot twist, I felt way too snooty, my sister had bought standard tickets for herself, my mum and me and I brought the Diamond Hospitality tickets after.

In hindsight, that purchase felt very selfish, made me look very arrogant and quite the "fuck you" to my sister. Most regretful purchase by far.

r/AskUK 13h ago

Would You Change Your Name If It Became Notorious?


Basically my mum was talking about how she used to work with a guy called Fred West when the whole bodies under the patio thing came out.

She left not long after that but has always wondered if the guy changed his name to something a bit less murderery. If you woke up tomorrow to see someone had been arrested for serial murder that shared your name, would you be right down the post office for a form?

Also anyone know anyone with a particularly notorious name and has just got on with it?

r/AskUK 10h ago

With the cost of living issues, what product can you just not accept the cheaper alternative of?


For me, it's fish fingers.

I simply can not have store brand fish fingers as all the ones I have tried were nothing like actual fish fingers.

What about you fine folk?

r/AskUK 5h ago

Why do people get to school so much earlier than pick up time?


My daughter has started preschool and they finish at 3.

I normally park up on the main rd and walk the 100m or so to the school gate and arrive about 2.55.

Even if I'm 10 minutes early every bit of street is packed full of cars, with parents sat in them on their phones.

The rest of the school leaves at 3.15.

Surely people are not arriving 25 minutes early just to avoid walking 100m.

Just to add, I have been to the school during the day and it's far quieter, it's what actually made me realise all the cars where people on pick up rather than homeowners.

r/AskUK 8h ago

What foods used to be popular in your youth that aren't any more?


I don't just mean products you buy (RIP Campinos however), but recipes and dishes. Feel like Rock Cake has all but vanished.

r/AskUK 15h ago

What do you eat on an average day at work?


Since working a job with normal hours I have found it alot easier to eat a regular and consistent diet.

I will usually have oats or skyr yoghurt with fruit around 8 AM which is when I arrive to work.

I will then have a reasonably sized lunch around 1 PM which is usually chicken, rice and veg with a protein shake.

I will then eat a sandwich and a piece of fruit around 4 PM to fuel me for the gym after work.

Unless I have no time, in which I will just buy pre cooked meats etc on break, I usually meal prep for work 2 days in advance. I work with people who seemingly eat nothing when at work, I work with others who just snack throughout the day.

What do you eat on an average day at work?

r/AskUK 12h ago

Do you think the UK is becoming more pessimistic/aggressive/polarised?


I’m from a small town in the UK. We’ve had our ups and downs - but generally I’ve found people to be kind and good natured.

However, in the last few years - unless this is some kind of placebo affect of getting older - I get a lot more aggression from the general public. People bumping into you as your walking past, so much road rage, and shop/retail staff who are needlessly rude and miserable.

This isn’t confined to the physical world either. I’ve been off Reddit for a couple of months, busy with life and work.

I always liked browsing other UK subs to see sensible takes on usually polarising subjects.

However, since I’ve returned I’ve noticed a high right wing lurch in responses.

Very thinly veiled racist comments (Peckham hair shop incident and Chris Kaba threads in particular), an obsession with small boats and even a tinge of climate denial?

To me, it feels like the social fabric, I.e - be nice to people, be polite, don’t go over certain red lines (race, aggression) is being pulled apart - and people don’t care anymore.

Is it just me, or is the UK becoming more aggressive and miserable?

r/AskUK 3h ago

How much of a wanker should my driving instructor be?


I’m a 19m and I’m a pretty nervous person and I feel like my driving instructor is a wanker but not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be. For example I had my 2nd lesson today and I pulled out but had the clutch in abit by accident and jolted the car and my instructor started shouting using the ‘ugh’ voice and pointed to traffic behind shouting you’ve held them up, that’s all because of you, and now I’m absolutely dreading my next lesson. Is this right or is he a wanker

r/AskUK 7h ago

What habit has you changed due to the pandemic?


During lockdown I was drinking like crazy and it wasn't long after the the lockdown before I realised it's a problem i had to stop.

Now i drinking lesser than i do pre-covid

r/AskUK 14h ago

What is Your Favourite UK One Hit Wonder song?


And we're you surprised the artist didn't have any more hits?

r/AskUK 15h ago

Mentions London What places in the UK which aren’t really famous are worth to visit?


Hello! I am leaning English and really interested in British culture and life. There are many famous places to visit as London, Stonehenge and etc., but I know that in my home city there are a lot of less touristic but still amazing sites. Maybe you could tell me about such places you know?

r/AskUK 7h ago

What do you call being sick?


Just on holiday with my partner and I suggested an Ouzo for an aperitif….his answer was “I’ll sprog up”. What local dialect term do you say meaning “I’m going to be physically sick” when offered a drink?

r/AskUK 18h ago

Do you watch TikTok videos in bed with your partner with the sound on?


I find it annoying when my boyfriend watches videos in bed with the sound on, even if the sound is the lowest it will go. It’s not continuous noise like a movie, it’s usually TikTok style short clips. Does anyone else think this is irritating? Does anyone else do it? Do your partners not care?

r/AskUK 13h ago

What’s something very British that tells someone how pissed off you are without verbally saying it?


I’ll start by saying the amount of kisses in a text.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t put kisses to everyone I message but if there’s a lack of kisses where there would normally be a couple, I’m pissed at you.

r/AskUK 5h ago

People who go to the gym before work, what is your morning routine?


I’ve got my first session before work tomorrow my plan is

  • 5:30am wake up
  • 5:50am leave house
  • 7:00am arrive at gym
  • 8:20am leave gym
  • 8:40am arrive at work
  • 5:30pm leave work
  • 6:45pm arrive home

I’m interested to see what other people do, also, what do you bring in the morning? I’m planning to try and fit work clothes (jeans + hoodie), a towel, hair wax, deodorant and cologne into 1 bag along with my work laptop and peripherals, do most people pack 2 bags?

r/AskUK 9h ago

What's your favourite subreddit you'd recommend others to join?


I'm in need of a reddit content update. What would you recommend? I have no category preference

r/AskUK 43m ago

Considering the laws around bathroom outlets in the UK, where do you plug in your electrical toothbrushes, hair dryers, etc?


Are you able to use a converter with the little two-prong outlet to charge them? Or do you charge them outside of your bathroom? If so, where outside of your bathroom do you tend to charge them? As a non-Brit I’m so incredibly curious.

r/AskUK 10h ago

Mentions London Who’s your favourite magician? Can be alive or dead


As a youngster I was a huge fan of Paul Daniels, he was everywhere like shit in a field when I was growing up, a huge name in the magic world.

Saturday nights were a proper treat when Paul and his magic show was on, millions of us were glued to the screens, after that he did quiz shows like Every Second Counts which were marvellous in their own way as Paul had excellent banter, plus he could get on with the public unlike some who consider themselves better than others.

Having said that let me say this, the Great Suprendo wasn’t half bad, also David Nixon.

On the other hand the likes of David Blaine weren’t up to much, I remember when he was in that box in London, me and my pal Gus were throwing stones and rocks at it back in the day, Blaine was a big headed bugger.

r/AskUK 2h ago

My best friend in the world has just been found dead. What the hell comes next?


Title explains it really. I've just found out my best friend has been found dead, apparent suicide. I don't know what to do. Has anyone dealt with this? Now what?

r/AskUK 17h ago

Is there any point hanging washing out any more?


We're oop north. It's currently 9° at half past 8 and Alexa says it'll be a high of 17° today.

At what point do you all accept reality and stop hanging washing outside?

r/AskUK 3h ago

Do you neatly fold and pack clothes before returning them?


I'm talking about clothes that you buy on online shops like asos that you want to send back. Sometimes I obsess about folding them in the same way they came, even though probably they are going to be unpacked and tidied up by someone at the warehouse again. Curious abt what other people do.

r/AskUK 2h ago

What’s the most interesting thing that’s been in your mouth this week?


Got a sore throat so made a nice hot drink. The last mouthful had a chewy bit in it. Turned out to be a rather large spider.

r/AskUK 2h ago

When the microwave instructions say "pierce film lid", how many times do you stab and with what implement?


If I have a knife I'll make three small holes, if I have a fork I'll stab once at each end.

r/AskUK 1d ago

Do people in a relationship always go to bed at the same time?


I feel like this an age old debate. My GF seems to believe that almost couples go to bed at the same time every night, whereas I believe couples go to bed at the same time most nights but it’s not a big deal if not.

This results in if I want to stay up on the Xbox or something, she’s sat waiting for me to come to bed, and if she’s working late etc, she will expect me to stay up and wait for her.

Would be interested to hear opinions from guys and gals. Like I say this is a debate we have in very rare instances that where we don’t go to bed at the same time.

r/AskUK 14h ago

Have any of you flown in the Concorde?


What was it like? Given how much faster it was it must have been a crazy experience!