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discussion Lizzo Sued by Former Dancers for Sexual Harassment, Creating a Hostile Work Environment

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Discussion Jimmy Buffett Dead at 76



What a terrible loss he will be dearly missed. RIP to a legend.

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Discussion What's one song that you misunderstood for years?


Mine was Bob Marley's 'No Woman, No Cry', it guess it demonstrates my ignorance of Jamaican culture and dialect, but for years I thought the title kind of mean 'No woman, no problems' rather than 'No Woman, Don't Cry'. In my defence, I was about 7 when I heard it first and never questioned it. I always adored the song but found the hook confusing with the rest of the lyrics until I realised how dumb I was being.

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Discussion Why is Beyoncé so big?


Seriously, I love a lot of her songs but still can’t wrap my head around why she’s so big? Like everyone acts like she’s God or something, I personally think she’s overrated like no other. Imo she’s not THAT big and THAT iconic and THAT everything. Can someone explain? (this is just my personal opinion pls don’t get offended)

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discussion Punk band Trophy Eyes get called out for mosh pits and crowd surfing; responds with "fuck you"

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Australian post-hardcore band Trophy Eyes was recently criticized for encouraging mosh pits and crowd surfing during their concert in Atlanta. One attendee who was there for another band, Against The Current, felt unsafe and had to move to the sidelines. The person even reported almost having a panic attack due to the aggressive crowd.

The commenter wrote:

"First time I ever heard of you guys was the concert in Atlanta tonight and the lead singer kept encouraging mosh pits and crowd surfing, which made the majority of us, who were there for Against the Current, feel very unsafe and have to go to the sidelines, which is not fair because we were there before your crazy fans. I almost had a panic attack. I didn't even get the chance to find out if I liked your songs because I had to keep worrying about getting kicked in the head."

A long thread ensued between the attendee and the band's fans, the band ultimately chiming in.

The group responded with a simple and straightforward:

fuck you

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discussion Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time


I seriously can’t think of anything worse. I grew up listening to country music in the late 80s and early 90s, and a lot of that was pretty bad. But this new stuff, yikes.

Who sees some pretty boy on a stage with a badly exaggerated generic southern accent and a 600 dollar denim jacket shoehorning the words “ice cold beer” into every third line of a song and says “Ooh I like this, this music is for me!”

I would literally rather listen to anything else.Seriously, there’s nothing I can think of, at least not in my lifetime or the hundred or so years of recorded music I own, that seems worse.

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Discussion What’s the saddest song ever?


For me, it’s between:

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Here Today - Paul McCartney

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discussion [UPDATE] r/Music Will Close on June 12th Indefinitely Until Reddit Takes Back Their API Policy Change


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Hi All,

We will be making the subreddit private on June 12th indefinitely. You will not have access to the community until we open it back up to the public.

The reason for this decision is because we are protesting reddit's policy change for using their API. More details can be seen on this post here.

The consequences can be viewed in this Image - r/videos Full Post.

Here is the open letter if you would like to read and sign.

Please also consider doing the following to show your support - r/pics Full Post:

  • Share your thoughts on other social media platforms, spreading awareness about the issue.

  • Show your support by participating in the Reddit boycott for 48 hours, starting on June 12th.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we believe this is for the best and in the best interest of the community.


r/Music Mod Team

Additional Resources:

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Discussion What musical album is more of an experience / feeling than just an 'album'?


I'm drunk and listening to the Dark side of the moon for the first time. It feels like a trip / experience. Wondering if there are any albums that have the same effect. Doesn't have to be the same genre

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Discussion Is this remake of Fast Car by Luke Combs driving anyone else insane?


I love the original by Tracey Chapman but this remake is total garbage for my ears, it just makes me want to hear the original. The remake has zero heart or soul like the original does and is just straight up lame. They are playing this song all day on the radio right now as well and it just sounds ridiculous.

Does anyone actually like this remake and think it should exist?

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discussion Why is modern country so trashy?


The music is shitty soft rock with a southern accent. The artists show up to award ceremonies wearing a T shirt and an ill-fitting hat. What happened to the good old Conway Twittys, George straits etc

I'm Mexican American. My equivalent is Norteño music, which was also destroyed by the younger generations.

Where's the soul, the steel string guitar and violin (for instance) ? It's all simply shit. Trashy shit. Opinions?

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discussion John Mellencamp Tells Fans 'Shut the F--- Up' or He'll End Show

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discussion Name one 90s song kids born after 2000 should add to their playlists RIGHT NOW


Any genre. Doesn’t have to be obscure. I’ll start.

Spacehog- In the Meantime

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Discussion Songs with an obvious “mistake”, but they decided to leave it in


I’ve been thinking a lot about “imperfect” songs today. Songs where there was a weird or unexpected bit and the artist/producers said “fuck it. That’s cool. Let’s leave it in.” Or, I imagine more realistically, “That was a total nightmare to record. No way we’re doing it again.” Think: chair scrape/ cough in A Day in the Life, drummers watch alarm in Rock the Kasbah. Or even vocal cracks like the backup singer in Paint it Black or Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato.

I personally love the rawness and truth of songs like that. Why don’t more producers appreciate that factor? Such overproduction.

Do you guys know of any others? Do you think the “mistake” makes or breaks the song? or neither, I guess!

Oh damn, I am such a bonehead. I meant Gimme Shelter not Paint it Black

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discussion Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, the 'Money' track problem and a tip on how to listen to the album


I had a debate on Reddit a while ago asking what's up with the Money track on the album. (For me) it really didn't work following great gig, it just didn't flow it's just too much too soon after the calm end of great gig...

It really divided debate with a lot of people agreeing with me that it doesn't flow and many having no issue with it.

But then an older wiser Reddit user said it actually fits perfectly because the album was made for vinyl not streaming.... The first half of the album up to great gig are on side 1 and side 2 starts with Money.

They said what would happen was you would come out of great gig and then there would be a pause while you got up and went over and flipped the vinyl over.

This pause makes you eager to start the next track so when Money with higher energy comes on you're in the perfect place for it. You're up, you're moving, you're keen for the next track so it fits perfectly.

They suggested I pause after great gig for 30 seconds and then carry on with the album.

I think this really works, it completely changed my view on Money and made me realise it actually fits perfectly it's exactly what you want after a pause.

What do you think?

Edit: because this got so popular shoutout to u/djlawson1000 who was the wise Redditor that told me about the album experience on vinyl

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discussion I absolutely can’t stand phones at concerts


I recently went to see John Mayer live on his solo tour. Incredible show, but the thing that stuck out with me was how hardly anyone had their phones out. Everyone, including myself just enjoying the performance.

I’m now seeing videos from Drake’s concert, and about 95% of the crowd has their phone out. It’s infuriating to see honestly, why pay hundreds of dollars to see a performance through your phone screen?

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discussion Real talk: ear plugs at concerts


Should we be wearing them? Yes right? What brands, what is your experience? How does it affect the sound (if they do)?

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discussion Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters takes legal action over cancelling of concerts he calls a 'blatant attempt to silence me' amid antisemitism claims


Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters takes legal action over cancelling of concerts he calls a 'blatant attempt to silence me' amid antisemitism claims

Roger Waters defends freedom of speech and takes legal action against proposed concert cancellations in Frankfurt and Munich

In February 2023, the Hessian State Government and then the Magistrate of the City of Frankfurt announced their extraordinary and prejudicial intention to cancel a concert scheduled to be performed by Roger Waters at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on 28 May. On 28 February 2023, a motion was introduced in the Munich City Council to cancel the concert scheduled for 21 May 2023, in the Munich Olympiahalle. These actions are unconstitutional, without justification, and based upon the false accusation that Roger Waters is antisemitic, which he is not.

As a result of this unilateral, politically motivated action, Mr Waters has instructed his lawyers to immediately take all necessary steps to overturn this unjustifiable decision to ensure that his fundamental human right of freedom of speech is protected and that all of those who wish to see him perform, are free to do so in Frankfurt, Munich and in any other city in any other country.

Mr Waters believes that if this blatant attempt to silence him is left unchallenged it could have serious, far-reaching consequences for artists and activists all over the world.

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discussion Both Ticketmaster and Artists at fault for High Ticket prices


In no way defending ticketmasters disgusting practices, but I think fans should put some heat on the big named artist who let ticketmaster get away with it!

The Cure is the most current example of how a band can help the fans- no dynamic pricing and no transfer of tickets unless it's face value. Just saying Any Artist that can sell tickets like the Cure can implement this rule. Sick of artists acting like it's out of their hands

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discussion I have a tape with two unreleased Marvin Gaye songs and I don't know what to do with it


I was once Nona Gaye’s neighbor when I lived in Los Angeles, and shortly before she moved she offered to let me look around her garage for anything I wanted to keep. I found a tape with Marvin’s name, titled “Love Package” and the names of two songs on it. Not having a tape deck at the time, and then moving myself shortly thereafter, I never listened to it and for a long time thought it was lost.

Then a couple months ago I was rummaging through some old boxes I had in storage and the tape fell out. One of my roommates has a tape deck, and we listened to it. It appears to have at least two original unreleased songs, “What the heck is really going on” and “My father now lives in heaven”. The back of the tape also shows Gregg Crockett as an additional artist.

I don’t know what to do with it. I assume the Gaye family and/or his original record label would still own the copyrights even though the songs weren’t released. At the same time, I would definitely like to share this music with the world, and I assume the tape itself might be worth something to the family or a collector. I don’t have a way to contact Nona any more.

I recorded samples of the songs with my phone, but I’m not sure where to upload them or share them on the internet legally, and I’d rather have a high definition recording of the tape to share. Can I post them to Youtube or Soundcloud without violating the copyrights? Would they even be noticed?

As far as the tape being a collectors item, I’m sure it would have to be verified or appraised somehow, and I'm not sure who to contact about that. Where would I even sell such a thing? And I’m sure the Gaye family would like to know this exists. How does one reach out to a celebrity about a lost family heirloom?

Thanks for any answers you can give. I hope I can share it with you soon.

UPDATE: I learned through this thread that Marvin Gaye had a son, also named Marvin Gaye (III). Greg Crockett has collaborated with him in the past, and the name on the tape is actually Marvin Gaye III. So this is still a cool find, and unreleased music from the family, but probably not Marvin Gaye (Jr) and more likely his son.

Nona's son also reached out to me, so I did make contact with the family. I still plan to find a way to digitize the tape, and I definitely appreciate all of the good advice. The songs are both pretty catchy and I hope they get to be released.

Thanks for all the good input, and I will post updates once I figure out what happens next.

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discussion “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever listened to


So I discovered this album in early 2022 after going through some lists of greatest 90s albums. Ever since then I’ve been completely obsessed with it.

It is, without a doubt, the most atmospheric and immersive album I’ve probably ever heard. From beginning to end, it wraps you in this inky black embrace. It legit feels like the soundtrack to a weird nightmare you can’t wake up from. But it’s also kind of…really sexy and sensual in a dark and eerie kind of way. The production is just nuts. I’ve been listening to it with some high end headphones and man, you can just get totally lost in these songs. There’s just so much going on but at the same time, the songs on the surface sound sparse and minimalistic. The vibes, as the kids say, are immaculate.

I’ve been reading some reviews of the album here and there and it seems like the consensus is that the opening quartet of songs is the peak of the album, and I really can’t disagree. That stretch of Angel-Risingson-Teardrop-Inertia Creeps is just mind-blowing. The rest of the album is actually incredible as well but these first four songs are just on another level. Really though, this is all-killer, no filler. Every track is really, really good even at their worst and I’d probably put The Man Next Door up there with the first four tracks.

It’s crazy how this album sounds out of time almost - like nothing else I’ve heard in the eras before or since it came out. It is very much its own thing - a darkly beautiful epic.

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discussion Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green passes away from cancer at age 45

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discussion is it just me or did the price of concert tickets basically double from 2021 to 2022


Can't see myself spending 200-300 on one decent seat.

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discussion If you go to a live concert and record the entire thing on your phone, you can eat a big bag of dicks


You can eat a big bag of dicks. Why even go if you watch the entire fucking thing through your phone? Why record it on a phone? Who the fuck is going to watch it? You realize you look like a fucking moron??

Edit: If you're saying "Why do you care how someone else enjoys the concert?!" then you can eat TWO bags of dicks.

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discussion Say what you like about Billy Corgan and his weirdnesses, ‘1979’ remains one of the most perfectly crafted pop songs ever.


I’d forgotten about it until (however many) years ago and it was used so perfectly in Clerks 2. I was never really a big Pumpkins fan in the day, but it’s now firmly on my go-to list when I want to listen to something beautiful.