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Unanswered Why aren't elderly people routinely reassessed on their ability to drive?


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Unanswered Does it piss anyone else off to see crabs and lobsters boiled alive?


I'm not a vegan or anything I eat meat but boiled alive seems so cruel

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Why did the 2020 lockdowns result in such a massive and sudden wealth transfer to the top?


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If your penis is a muscle that mean you can exercise it? NSFW


I'm not talking like a magic "make your dick bigger exercise" but like a could you very technically like do exercises for a penis? Like it's that....a thing?

TIL: A penis is not muscle tissue, thank God I'm not that kind of doctor I guess

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Unanswered Do I have extremely low bar or are people on subreddits like r/amiugly really good looking?


I find people that post on subreddits like amiugly mostly (like 90% of them) are really good looking the other 10% either should just work on their fashion choices or not my type but not ugly. Which frustrates me and sometimes the comments are really harsh towards people who I find really good looking. Do I have extremely low bar or do some people have expectations that are really high?

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If I hit a car going 50 miles an hour, and that car was also going 50 miles an hour at me, is it a cumulative force of 100 miles per hour?


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Answered Was there really a game in the 90’s where you punch someone when you spot a Volkswagen Bug?


I was a young kid growing up through the 90’s - my mom used to punch the shit out of my arm and exclaim “SLUGBUG!” every time she saw a VW Bug on the road.

Did my mom invent some sort of latent child abuse or did other 80s/90s babies get punched while just fucking listening to meatloaf in the car?

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Do people seriously not think drinking every night of the week is a problem?


Do heavy drinkers, I wouldn't quite say alcoholics but I may be wrong, really not think going to the bar every night is bad for them?

EDIT: I'm not trying or wanting to judge these people. I just genuinely didn't understand their thoughts on it.

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Is it OK to start on a treadmill by walking? I'm too unfit to run.


In the last two/ three years I've gradually become obese. I didn't realise until last year, when I was in a mental-health hospital, how much weight I've put on. I've put on 5/6 stone.

I tried to run on the treadmill, but I fell off. I thought I would be fine, but I damaged my back, and arm.

I need to do some exercise, but I'm far too unfit to do any running. Can I start by walking?

Edit: Thank you to everyone that answered. I'm really sorry, but I don't have time to answer all comments. I can't swim, unfortunately. However, I may try to learn, when I can afford it. I am going to try and do the coach to 5K. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'll try. I have spoken to someone at my gym, and they are going to show me some tips to help me on my way.

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Unanswered What do guards/soldiers think about when they're on duty standing motionless?


Do they think about random stuff or are they always 100% attentive or is it a zen like meditative state waiting for something to trigger their spidey sense?

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If you're eating something super spicy and you add some milder hot sauce, would your food be more or less spicy?


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Would you use an app that lets you discover unknown art from people who have passed away?


I mean, think about it. There must be so much good stuff out there that is basically unknown, especially from people who are longer with us. This app could be a way to honor those who have passed away but left something behind, some kind of amazing art: a song, a book, a poem, a painting….

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Was the Lochness Monster real ?


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Why don’t stadiums sell cheaper tickets and show the game on big screens at their home stadium during away games?


they can still make money on food and drinks? Or do they use the stadium D’Or other things during away games?

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Is there any difference between different types of pasta like spaghetti, fetuccine, spirals, shells etc, other than the shape?


They're all the same thing right, they're just shaped differently?

Edit: I'm thinking about when I go to the grocery store and there's 15 different packets, but they basically all look the same colour, they're just shaped differently.

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Do Americans actually pay $50k/year in tuition for university?


I’m Canadian and I pay $9,500/year for my university program, I’m able to pay that off during summer working in construction. I go to a middle tier university (similar to state schools). My tuition doesn’t include room & board

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When a large warm-blooded mammal kills and eats the raw meat of a fresh kill, is the experience "enjoyable" in the way we enjoy eating a big meal when we're hungry? Meaning, do they enjoy the flavor or is it just a chore they have to do to survive? Are there certain organs/species they prefer?


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Is it understandable to require a source for statements, that almost all people agree upon without any source? Or fallacious


"Those born in Muslim countries to Muslim families are more likely to be Muslim than Christian."


"Since tap water is safe to drink in the Nordics, ..."


"Depression can be effectively treated with medicine and can't be expected to just "go away"."


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Can anyone recommend YouTube channels that teach the basics of learning makeup for someone who’s never learned how?


I have always had a curiosity in learning to do all sorts of cosmetic makeup and I’ve never learned how or even where to begin. So if anyone has any content creators on YouTube or Tiktok I’d greatly appreciate it!

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Why don’t movie studios make the boom mics green?


I was watching a tik tok that showed the boom mic breaching the frame in Avengers Endgame, a movie with a massive budget. I just feel like an easy fix to this would be to make the boom mic green like the green screen shade so that it can easily be edited out.

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Does anyone know what style of chair this is? Link to a picture in the comments


Link to picture does anyone know what style of chair the red chairs are in this photo?

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What causes inflation?


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If a book, movie, album, etc., is described as an opera or operatic, what does that mean?


I have seen Star Wars described as a space opera, many albums described as an [insert musical genre] opera, and even comic books described as "operatic." What makes them fall into this description?

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Why do I find it hard to feel proud about my achievements?


I feel like I've made so much progress, I'm definitely not the person I was a year ago. However, progress I've made feels pointless somehow because I can't bring myself to feel proud about it. What could this be? I have a few theories, but I'd like to hear what you think. Thanks :)

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Do Ambulances and Fire Trucks get gas like every other vehicle?


This is a question for US, perhaps even NY. Call me nuts but I feel like I’ve never seen a fire truck or ambulance at a gas station. Is there something I’m missing? Do they get their gas differently or is it just odds.