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Update on Philly Coca-Cola strike: coke has resorted to bringing in products from outside facilities. If anyone is in the Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania are please boycott any coke products.

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My daughter can't fathom her great-grandparents' lifestyle


My grandparents, so my daughter's great grandparents, are both 80. They live on a lake in MN, have a boat, a jetski, 4 bedrooms, a truck and a car both less than 10 years old. She asked me, "What did great grandma and great grandpa do for jobs when they were younger?" I responded "Great grandpa worked for the state, mostly maintaining stop lights. Great grandma was a secretary at a college." Her response was to go super quiet for half a minute and then she said "So you can get rich doing those jobs?" This kid is 6!! She already realizes something isn't adding up. If my husband had the same exact job that he has now, but set in the 1970s, we would be absolutely rolling in money. Instead we both have to work full-time to afford a 3 bedroom tract house (that we are super thankful for), and we've never had a real vacation. Trips, yes, we can afford ONE overnight in a hotel so we don't go very far. I also cannot imagine a world where any of our friends would be able to afford a third child. They all have zero, one, or two, and it all comes down to money. System is messed up.

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No words for this garbage.

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Elon Musk now encouraging companies to fire employees and stretch the remaining ones thin so they can be like Twitter

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My experience in the US.


I'm Venezuelan, I moved to the US about 8-9 years ago and, last year, I moved back to my country.

I honestly couldn't take it anymore. Out of 7 years in the US, the only days off I had were when I quit and I was changing jobs, or when COVID-19 hit and I couldn't find a job for seven months.

I don't understand how you guys (Americans) can live there, no days off without worrying about money or worrying about a call from your manager, no (easy/obligatory) paid vacation, no time for yourselves and your family, not worrying about being exploited. It was hell.

Of course, this doesn't apply to the oligarchy (yes, you guys have a very clear oligarchy, even if some of you (most likely probably not even following this sub) don't want to see it. After all those years in the US, after grinding and paying $500 yearly, just to be legal, plus rent, food, etc., I got tired. I developed chronic pain, I got white hair in my 20s, and now I detest working.

All I can say is that I truly feel sorry for you guys and I wish you had it better.

I recently moved to Brazil and, today, I was in shock. I'm living in a small city/town, one of those where everyone knows each other, and, today, I was shocked when I went out.

Almost every store, including some restaurants, close on Saturdays after 3pm, some even after 1pm, and most don't even open on a Sunday.

As a consumer, of course I was saddened because I needed to buy something. But, as a worker, I thought to myself "do I really need to buy it today, when I can just buy it on Monday?" They take their vacation and weekends very seriously, and they live a healthy, balanced life from what I could see.

Every Friday there is a family reunion, kids playing, BBQs made in the middle of the streets, everyone is relaxed, not thinking about money, work, and consuming, just thinking about how they will enjoy the weekend.

To me, the American Dream was more like a Nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. I hope you guys have it better in the future, please fight for your right to have a life outside of work.

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I just won the lottery.


I got cancer. Probably only about five years left. So I don't have to deal with bullshit anymore. If I actually did win the lottery I would be doing something else. I love you guys and everyone. Have a good weekend

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Agree or disagree?

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We're past unpaid internships, we've now got a grand new idea of PAYING for experience

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finally did it - to hell with it all


overworked and overqualified for my position while also being severely underpaid.

got my annual review and was rejected an annual raise since (it's not in the budget) while literally, everyone else got theirs. all of those fucks are redundant and I am literally the only one qualified to do my position since it requires specific education and certifications. a couple of days later got offered another position in a similar field that is waaaay more attuned to me since it is all backend with no people interaction, fully remote, actual market value pay, and is technical work.

went to my current place and tried to give them a full month's notice as a professional courtesy and the managers and directors and CEO pulled me into a meeting where they begged me to stay and change my mind. I once again aired my issues that I have been quite open with since our clients are abusive to me and they asked what it would take to keep me. I told them to match or beat my offered salary (triple what I make with them).

they laughed in my face saying no one would ever pay me that much (??) and so I told them that ill just do my time and train someone enough that the department doesn't die they got all pissed and said they won't accept my resignation and that I'm fired immediately.

the CEO and 2 directors escorted me down to my desk and had me turn in my laptop, phone, and all key cards and tried searching my bag to make sure "I wasn't smuggling out anything" I told them no and they got even more pissed and walked me out of the building. I have saved this company literally MILLIONS on MILLIONS by building their entire cybersecurity department and stopping several incidents among many other things and I was treated like a petty thief who snuck in. Literally, no one has ever gotten that, even though the ones who were fired for doing bad shit.

it was humiliating. That was about a couple of weeks ago and I guess now they are seeing how big of a deal my job was and my old coworkers have started blowing up my phone to tell them how to fix proprietary stuff I made for them since no one has been doing my old job so cyber attacks are actually getting through now.

I know of one pretty big national company that's definitely about to get a major data breach and come under regulatory violations.

meh, it sucks but I haven't taken a day off in a long time so it's been good to chill out. I start my new job soon so I'm looking forward to that.

hope all of you have been doing well. had to rant that shit out for a minute

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Good Idea

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Denied a raise even though they refuse to train more people on my station, then wrote me up for asking for one


I’m a minor working at a Chick-fil-A. This CFA is VERY busy, and almost never has slow times. I work in the kitchen and can do every station they need, but they mostly put me on breading because no one else knows how to do it. I’ll say that again, no one else (besides managers) know how to do breading besides me. I have asked them multiple times to train other people on the station, they deny my “request”. I also ALWAYS close for them (sometimes leaving after 11, which isn’t allowed because I’m a minor) even though I’m always scheduled to leave at 10pm.

They gave me a 62/100 on my performance evaluation and said I could be “more flexible” with working other stations even though again, they always put me on breading. I asked for a raise since I’m the only one who does it every night…denied. Then they wrote me up for being “too slow” at my job on breading, which I’m not, probably as punishment

Sorry I just needed to vent about this

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This just in: some dumbass advice for retaining employees (link in comments)

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This is about Florida farmers

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Happened at McD’s


I was in high school earning money as a maintenance man at the local McDonald’s. Early on I asked the manager if I could be trained on the grill. He said he would think about it and let me know. The next weekend I asked again and he said no I will keep you busy on maintenance.

Fast forward to winter when we had an inch of snow and everyone called out except me and the manager. He looked at me and smiled and said fire up the grills! I told him I didn’t know how to. Hestopped and turned like they do in the movies when you’re about ready to shoot someone. He said “turn on the grills.” I reminded him I asked twice to be trained on the grills and he told me I didn’t need to be trained. He says “so you’re telling me we’re going to shut down the restaurant because you don’t know how to cook?”

I said “we’re going to shut down the restaurant because you didn’t train me how to cook.”

The next Saturday morning I came in bright and early and they told me it was my last weekend so I turned around and said OK see ya and went to clock out. The manager said wait, you need to finish your shift today and Sunday.

I said “no you just fired me” And left.

Edit: I’d like to add that the staff wasn’t allowed to speak to the owner unless spoken to first, and we weren’t supposed to look at him either. He would come in a few times a week, walk straight to the managers office, stay a few minutes and walk out without acknowledging the peons.

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Sounds Like Every Major Corporation.

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Floridian Freedom Fighters, Readying Their Forces 💥 TO STRIKE

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Solidarity with Florida. People are fleeing the fascist regime in droves, and those left behind have no choice but to finally pick their line. Contact the labor unions an political orgs on Florida and let them know The People stand with them, they who strike!! Agricultural production is carried out in 50% by Undocumented Labor and 73% Migrant Labor. THEY FEED US, and being that the U.S. is of the top 3 food exporters, THEY FEED THE WORLD. Now it's time for workers - in agriculture and all industries - to seize our owed due. This fight in Florida and the fate of the Floridian political body will affect us all. PAY ATTENTION! And do what you can to assist our comrades in Florida! If you don't know how to help, but want to, comment and I'll try to answer you promptly!

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When will Americans have a General Strike?

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Removed (Rule 9: No text-message screenshots today) I posted a review to my old workplace stating employees don’t get card tips and they personally have to pay for the register being short. My old employer then text me this days after.


I blocked her obviously, but does anyone understand what she means by the last statement?

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If The Minimum Wage Had Kept Up With Inflation, It Would Be $26.00 An Hour, People Are Right That It Takes $26.00 an Hour, Or More, To Survive

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Well Florida there’s the jobs we took from you.


I’m laughing and I’m crying. Farm work is so fucking horrible and paid so damn little, and yet and fucking yet we stole those jobs. They’re yours now sweetie 🤗

Take them, I dare you.

Work in that hot ass Florida sun for those damn oranges. Take that $10 an hr, if that and don’t even think about that overtime being time and half.

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Family of Louisiana Arby's manager found dead in a freezer reveal how she beat on the door until her hands were bloody: "the latch on the cooler was not working properly since August, and the problem was known and ignored by management"


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The lion, the Witch, and the audacity of this Bitch

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When I was working we used to call them personal days.

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Found this today thought this was an appropriate place to share.

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Boss wanted me to buy a car... to work longer hours... for no extra pay


This happened about ten years ago. I was working at a large(ish) software company and one day my boss called me into his office. He said that the project I was working on was in serious trouble and he needed me to "step up" and save it.

I told him that I was already working full-time, and I would need to start working extra hours to get things back on track. Unfortunately, I lived about an hour away and I took the bus to work. Due to the limited bus hours, there was no way for me stay at work longer; so I politely asked if the company could rent me a car, or maybe put me up in a hotel near the office.

My boss *laughed* at my suggestions. Then he told me to just buy a second car.

I asked him, "You want me to buy a new car, pay for gas, toll fees, maintenance, and city parking just so I can work longer hours for no extra pay?" (I was on salary.)

He thought for a moment, then he said, "You can always take a cab home and charge the company." So that's what I did. For the next three months I took a cab home... 5 to 6 nights per week... at nearly $100 per trip, including my generous tip. Would have been cheaper to rent me a car.

I was making pretty good progress but then our new studio VP, not liking where the project was after over a year in development, tried to put me on a PIP (performance improvement plan).

So I quit.