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Why do men spit on the ground outside alot?


In my expierence I've never witnessed a woman do this, only men. Is there a reason why?

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What was ruined because it became popular?


Instagram.... I remember the good old days like ten years ago when it was just your close friends... that was cool

Also BerEAL

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(Serious) People who have chosen to not have kids, what motivates you?


I had kids so I am motivated to take care of them, and motivated by my legacy. But before I had kids, I just didn't feel like money was the meaning of life. So I felt I had no purpose.

People who have chosen not to have kids, what drives you?

Edit: Wow, so many of you are hair trigger with this issue. If you guys honestly don't care, then why be offended? I was trying to be respectful.

You guys realize you are probably the majority of Reddit, right? Why be on the defense?

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What’s the most disgusting sounding word in the English language?


I don't know if the most disgusting, but "moist" makes me cringe so bad.

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What in this world do you think is over-sexualized?



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People who like beer, what does it taste like to you and why do you like it?


I've never liked beer despite having it many, many times. But people always talk about how satisfying a cold beer is after working hard. What does it taste like then?

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Why do men need to itch their bits all the time in public?


Why do men find the need to itch their bits in public? If a women was stood down an shopping isle and started scratching her bits she would be a scruffy cow. Why? That's my question?

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How and why did Boomers get so addicted to Facebook?


Does anyone know how Boomers that used to worry about kids getting addicted to the internet and video games would get addicted to Facebook?

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Hi i’m 16 and I have evidence that my 17 year old ex girlfriend was just flown out to work for a pimp in Las Vegas. What Can I do with this? With the police even do anything



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At what age should a man stop wearing his hat backwards?


Today I went by my dad's for a visit and he made a joke about it saying "son you're about to be 28, wearing a backwards cap was cute when you were a teenage boy, but now it's just getting to be a little creepy" I felt entirely obliterated lol.... so what do you guy think?

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What is your weird green flag in a relationship that makes you know that you are both comfortable with each other?


Mine is when a woman farts in front of me. I find it hilarious and it lets me know she's finally ready to truly be weird around me lol

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How many times do you eat a burger a week, month, day?


I realized I probably have a burger once a week with out thinking about it. Mostly going out to eat, looking at the menu and seeing a burger in some form and thinking that sounds good. I’m sure this isn’t good long term and need to be more conscious about it…but damn, a good burger is just delicious and an easy go to

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Are electric cars really the future of modern transport?


I don't think electric cars are the answer

r/ask 14h ago

What's some juicy gossip you just found out in your personal lives?


What's some juicy gossip you just found out in your personal lives?

r/ask 22h ago

Is it ok that I'm ok with being average?


When I was younger I was really good at everything I done like sports,painting, drawing,music and was very smart for my age but as I've gotten older I've become average, and realise I'm not truly amazing at anything. Alot of people get depressed and feel like their life has no meaning because they have no talents or haven't achieved great things, but I've found peace in this. For me I have no high expectations of myself and it has let me enjoy the things that I do without feeling pressure to please other people. Is this fine? Or is there a reason me to strive for excellence?

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Who would live longer? A person who smokes cigarettes, but exercises every day. Or, a person that never smokes, but never exercises.


Based on just those facts alone, who do you think would live longer?

r/ask 14h ago

How is your life after deleting social media?


This is for everyone in r/ask who has either deleted/deactivated their major social media accounts (except Reddit) or anyone who is maintaining a healthier balance in their social media usage.

How do you find that motivation afterwards? How has your journey been?

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What do you do when you hear something fall in the middle of the night while you are in bed?


Since I live alone, I always go check it out

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What are some weird kids costumes that they came up with themselves?


I love this part of Halloween. When I see kids dressed up as the most absurd things, at their absolute INSISTENCE.

For example today I saw a picture of a kid dressed as a fart. Brown and green tulle and a fart megaphone in hand. I’ve seen weirder.

Show me what you got!

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have yall every had a near moment of death?


Have yall tho?

r/ask 8h ago

What the fuck is Reddit’s idea of a similar community?


Every time I log on they suggest five different subreddits for me that have nothing to do with me. Half the time they are for cities I’ve never been to and aren’t even in my state. What the hell is happening?

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Why do so many people have kids so young?


I see a lot of posts on reddit (AITA mainly) with parents being in their 30's with kids who are 10+. Why do so many people have kids so young?

edit: i have received lots of great and diverse answers. thanks to all who shared!

edit 2: i am so surprised at the amount of answers i received! keep em coming i am enjoying reading every last one!

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Why do people defend an unhealthy work week?


There are so many studies showing how important exercise, sleep, rest, a balanced diet, etc which is very difficult with a 8-5. Especially if u have kids. People argue that it's necessary for society to function. We were able to put people on the moon, create the internet, computers, cure diseases, but this is whats impossible? Even just cutting to 30hrs?

Why is this seen as an insane, lazy, anti-american thing to ask? I know will get people iratewhen I'm simply asking why don't we want better for ourselves?

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What is a slang word or term that is used by the kids today that wasn't used when you were a kid ?


I'll start with...... Bet or Bet Bet

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Will I regret not asking this girl out that I like for a while?


I’m nervous as hell.