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Momma cat introduces her new baby born to human baby

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u/itsamejeni 2d ago

Mama wants all her babies in one spot.


u/WDfx2EU 2d ago

"Babies go here."


u/-Sharon-Stoned- 2d ago

Ahh, the baby rug. Perfect, very convenient. Lemme just put this here...

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u/Small_Poppy_Seed 2d ago

"So this is where the small ones go. I guess I'll do my part...I'M DONE. I DID IT. DO YOU HEAR? ANYONE THERE? I REPEAT...I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THE MISSION"


u/SerenityViolet 2d ago

Lol. I bet this is it.


u/Agentpurple013 2d ago

It has to be, cats may appear sporadic, but they know stuff and do r/catculations


u/ScumbagLady 2d ago

Yus! A cat subreddit I'm not subbed to yet!


u/Flixwyy 2d ago

Right? Lol

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u/Mammoth-Mud-9609 2d ago

When you grow up this one will grow up to feed you, this will be important.

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u/joepanda111 2d ago

“Stay here with your bald sibling while I go chase insects”


u/ixii911 2d ago

Cat: watch over that one. It's useless. Can't even crawl or anything.


u/relevantelephant00 2d ago

Yeah this mama cat is having her kitten look over the bald useless one as a babysitter lol


u/Vio_ 2d ago

Like hiring a 10 year old to babysit the 11 year old.


u/[deleted] 2d ago

Ah, my parents strategy


u/ZakkCat 2d ago



u/sovietmcdavid 2d ago

This is great! 😂


u/Small_Poppy_Seed 2d ago


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u/piruruchu 2d ago

Cats will often co-parent kittens that aren't theirs. Baby is kitten now.


u/sleepytipi 2d ago

And that's how the second Roman empire came to be.


u/GenericNickname01 2d ago

Makes me think of that vid where the cat adopted the ducklings and was tryna keep ‘em all together lol

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u/Time-Werewolf-1776 2d ago

Yeah, I was going to say, I think it’s less of an introduction and more, “let’s put all of the babies together so we can share the responsibility of keeping an eye on them all.”


u/supcoco 2d ago

She’s like, “here, new cat, plz introduce ur self to bald cat.”


u/dm_me_kittens 2d ago

Those hormones are so raging that if a mama cat could lift a human baby, they'd spirit away with it to join their litter.


u/boredvamper 2d ago

That's where you are wrong. Her motherly instincts are so strong that she starts training her young right out of the gate. She bought the kitten into a vicinity of an easy meal. :)


u/KlammyHammy 2d ago

"And this is the hot human that I lay next to."

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u/[deleted] 2d ago edited 2d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Aurori_Swe 2d ago

Could just be stomach training the baby. We do it all the time here in Sweden but for short intervals. It helps the baby train their necks and eventually start crawling.


u/Choo_Choo_Bitches 2d ago

Do you play the Rocky soundtrack and shout words of encouragement?


u/Aurori_Swe 2d ago

Yeah, but often the encouragement gets drowned out by the little weakling crying, they don't really like to belly train


u/CousinsWithBenefits1 2d ago

Yep we have tummy time in America and it's a little bit sad but also kiiiiinda funny, because they aren't in any danger but desperately hate being on their stomach. So you see them just vigorously protesting for a minute, flip over and chill out again

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u/CinnamonSoy 2d ago

In America, we call that "tummy time". ^_^

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u/HazelBHumongous 2d ago

I think the person with the phone is right there in the room with the baby.

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u/Cocaine4You 2d ago

She wants the person filming to look after her kitten. Female cats will take turns babysitting all the kittens while those not “on shift” can go hunt and do cat shit.

Idk but I think that’s it.


u/[deleted] 2d ago edited 2d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/JJDude 2d ago

yes, cats sees human as big, strange looking cats. This is what they do when they need other cats to help protect their kittens from murderous Toms.


u/AviatorBJP 2d ago edited 2d ago

Yes. I saw a documentary where the scientists were using brain scans of cats to recreate what the cat was seeing. They showed a human go in front of this cat and the image that showed up on the computer screen was a human with cat features added on. So cats just see their humans as part of their people. Literally.

Here is the relevant clip for those who would like to see: https://youtu.be/FLb9EIiSyG8?si=JYm6Y8Bk4CSmmfEA


u/Artemis246Moon 2d ago

At least we are cats in their worlds


u/chillwithpurpose 2d ago

I know! I want more info on this because it makes me so happy for some reason lol

I’m part of the cat pack ☺️


u/Oh_its_that_asshole 2d ago

So you're saying cats are god damn furrys?

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u/internal_logging 2d ago

I remember when my cat had kittens she wouldn't let our other cat near. But one time she touched noses with my dog and then took off for a bit. She asked my dog to babysit ❤️


u/verycutebugs 2d ago

Update on the kittens, please?


u/Laeryl 2d ago

Mandatory cat tax


u/Djinneral 2d ago

until the existence of the cat has been proven the cat doesn't exist, I call this theory of mine schrodinger's cat.


u/SuaveMofo 2d ago

Thank u Mr Schro Dinger


u/RyuuseiS 2d ago

He is Scrhotum Dingaling for you sir


u/GXNext 2d ago

I would like to see the baby.

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u/SweetEvaporatedMilk 2d ago

This just made me laugh out of sheer beauty, how lovely she trusted you like that

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u/thebreakfastbuffet 2d ago

My SO's cat doesn't have kittens, but she does have a favorite stuffed toy we call Puppy. It's been with her since ~she was the kitten.

When the family goes up into their rooms and she's left downstairs, she'll always come meowing upstairs bringing Puppy with her. Either into someone's room or until someone comes out to notice her meowing. The same thing will happen when they're all downstairs and she's upstairs with Puppy.

Definitely the same behavior. She wants someone to look after Puppy.


u/Chaosbuggy 2d ago

Pleeeease post a photo of kitty and puppy!


u/DragapultOnSpeed 2d ago

She also might just want to play.

My cat will bring her little string toy to me, meowing like the cat in the video, so I can play with her. It's so cute!


u/yazzy1233 2d ago

Humans used to do the same thing, now it's expected for just 2 people to raise childern all on their own.


u/Extreme-Assistant-17 2d ago

My cat’s mom clocked that the daddy cat was much more interested in the new kittens than she was, so when he’d come to check in on them, she’d nope out of there to eat, take a bath and nap for hours while he patiently kept eyes. She’d come back when they got hungry and started mewing


u/tricksovertreats 2d ago

I think she wants to have a mommy wine date while the kids hang out

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u/soulsnoober 2d ago

Cats do communal parenting. She's putting her kittens there because in that house, that's just where babies go.


u/rhalf 2d ago

That room is a kittengarden now.


u/duderos 2d ago

A new sub is born.



u/Tight_Stable8737 2d ago

That potential sub seems dangerous. I am far too weak to cute things and if that sub exists I would waste far too much time there...


u/Morgantheaccountant 2d ago

Can I just get paid to watch cute videos please.


u/OfficialBusyCat2 2d ago

We're in the making of a history!

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u/JaiC 2d ago

"One day, this human will belong to you."


u/Isboredanddeadinside 2d ago

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom”


u/LiteRedditor 2d ago

"And what about the shadowy stuff ?"


u/Mesmerise 2d ago

“Humans call that the pantry, it’s where the tuna is kept. That belongs to us too”


u/Long-Promotion2540 2d ago

"That is also our kingdom. We're cats, everything is our kingdom."

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u/alphaomag 2d ago

“That’s a work in progress”

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u/s-mores 2d ago

"Did I stutter?"


u/SpentTheDay 2d ago

Everything the light our butthole touches is our kingdom


u/Jigsaw_isnt_a_puppet 2d ago

"What about the dark spots?"

"The support hasn't warded those areas yet."


u/eejm 2d ago

“You two look the same age. Go and play for a while, Mom needs to clear her head.”

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u/Stebsis 2d ago

Here, my child. Feast on the defenseless human baby.


u/radiationshield 2d ago

Too much blubber


u/davelupt 2d ago

That's not blubber, it's baby fat.


u/sznurka 2d ago

Hah stupid cat, doesn't even know anything about marine biology.

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u/SchnoodleDoodleDo 2d ago

’Here, my child. Feast on the defenseless human baby.

Come, my child, n feast your eyes!

for on the floor the human lies

she smol like you - a baby, see ?

but this one, too

belong to Me

oh, yes, it has a human mom,

but I’m the one who keeps it calm

so momma leaves her on the floor -



n as she laying down to sleep,

this baby


we gonna keep



u/Bramwhalesba 2d ago

Wow usually I only see these hours after the fact!

You're a treasure, Schnoodle, keep it up!

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u/2littleducks 2d ago

Not gonna lie Schnoodles, i thought you were gonna take us all to a very dark place for a bit there, phew! 😌


u/xxgiggsxx 2d ago

It's been too long since I've stumbled upon a fresh schnoodle. I needed this. Thank you schnoodle


u/wendymcbane 2d ago

I just love you Schnoodle! Your poem’s always squeeze my heart and soul. Please put a collection of your poems in book form. I would be honored to buy your first book of poems. You are a bright star that twinkles in the dark of night. You give me hope for the betterment of humanity. Thank you for sharing such a special gift for us all.


u/IlBear 2d ago

The amount of fresh snoodles I see makes me worried about my Reddit usage.

A tearful pleasure as always

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u/BobInRob12 2d ago edited 2d ago

Bravo. Spat out my coffee as i chuckled to this

EDIT: spelling mistake…

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u/SeejeejsPlaaveejs 2d ago

I think she is trying to gather together all her litter. <3


u/corndog161 2d ago

Or more like, 'hey you dote on this thing way more than you do on mine, let me move mine over so you can dote on them both.'


u/Giganumpty 2d ago

essentially yes. i believe the cats group parent their kittens. if the maternal unit is taking the vid, the cat is basically going "ehh.. could you take over the shift? i need a blink of shut eye"


u/DarkPhoenixMishima 2d ago

"I got you a human."

"But I don't want a human!"

"Do you know how long I didn't work to make this human? Now you're gonna have a human and you're gonna like it!"


u/grendus 2d ago

"Listen kid. The big human? She's mine. I spent a lot of time training her. You want a trained human, you gotta put in the work."

"Couldn't I just make the dog do it?"

"Yeah, but he trains the human to be stupid. Just look at the big mal... oh god, it's looking this way, don't make eye contact!"

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u/Amcmnc2001 2d ago

It looks more like that’s where she thinks babies belong.


u/weirdoldhobo1978 2d ago

Hello. Is this baby pile?


u/xpdx 2d ago

All kittens must be together, but that one is WAY too big for me to pick up. So I bring smol ones here.



u/floopydope 2d ago

All kittens in one place.


u/Dizzzy777 2d ago

Cat is assigning the kitten to the new human before some street cat tries to take the vacancy.


u/trashdrive 2d ago

Cat distribution system beta

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u/vercertorix 2d ago

Look. Mine’s better. Walks around and everything already. Yours just lays there.

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u/sauerkraut916 2d ago

Not sure if she’s showing off her kitten to baby, or if she’s showing off baby to kitten. She loves both. :-)


u/vampiredisaster 2d ago

She's explaining to her kitten that this sleeping thing is the human's kitten!


u/Mister_Splendid 2d ago

This is incredibly precious. 🥰

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u/V4Vendota 2d ago edited 2d ago

Look my little one, they'll be your best friend. You'll grow up together and take care of one another. When I'm gone, you'll be old enough to watch over this family and provide them with the best thing us kits can give.... A loving, furry companionship.


u/sonicmerlin 2d ago

Well that hit deeper than I was expecting


u/Floofy_taco 2d ago

You didn’t have my consent to make me tear up today sir


u/Youarethebigbang 2d ago

And...a classic children's book is born. Parents tear up while reading it to the child, who for now just likes seeing the cute pictures and hearing the different voices.


u/AudiocaseLA 2d ago

Thanks for reminding me I have therapy tomorrow 😭

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u/bibaah_ 2d ago

“junior say hi, please, you’re embarrassing me”


u/thecheesiestburrito 2d ago

Is this Summer and Blossom?


u/vr1252 2d ago

It definitely is. From when blossom was a tiny baby 🥹🥹🥹


u/EmmieTheVengeful 2d ago

All babies go on the rug

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u/Rosieapples 2d ago

Go back and make friends with your new cousin ya little bugger!”


u/citykitty24 2d ago

This is from Pearls Ragdolls on Instagram.


u/PuzzleheadedSector2 2d ago

Blossom? The kid's name is Blossum? Please someone save her.


u/UnderlordZ 2d ago

At least she'll always have her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup.


u/dketernal 2d ago

I thought it was the cat's name at first!


u/lizziecapo 2d ago

We had someone start at my job today and her name is blossom apparently lol


u/Natural_Cry_8944 2d ago

That's what I was thinking. Poor kid.


u/LuvdNaNa 2d ago

Now, I’m 61 years old. I grew up with a bunch of Heidi’s and Erin’s. Then came a bunch of totally bizarre names! And then when she called the little girl Blossom - I thought wow that’s cute and different!! I guess that’s why they say to each their own! 🤗


u/lizziecapo 2d ago

Until you're a grown ass adult trying to get a job and find dates and no one takes you seriously because your name id freaking BLOSSOM

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u/mannequinbeater 2d ago

I think this video is adorable and fits the subreddit, but I think that name is dumb as shit, I'm sorry people but I agree with /u/PuzzleheadedSector2 that does not need to be a person's name.


u/FastWalkingShortGuy 2d ago

Y'all need to go catch up on some 90s TV.


u/lazilyloaded 2d ago

Blossom was a cool name... for tween girls about 2 years in the middle of the 1990s. And that's about it.


u/orgyofdestruction 2d ago

Well at least her parents didn't decide to name her Mayim Bialik.


u/DLoIsHere 2d ago

Thank his someone said it.

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u/CorrectMarionberry61 2d ago

Her response: “why can’t your baby do anything?!“

“Look at mine, it can use its eyes and legs already, there must be something wrong with yours.”

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u/Rastaba 2d ago

“Child. Meet what shall one day be your servant. I know it does not look like much yet. But one day they shall bow to your whims and wills as their parents do to myself now.”


u/jamesb_33 2d ago

Wait, the cat's new baby was born to a human baby?


u/imoinda 2d ago

Yeah, amazing!


u/supershinythings 2d ago

Free daycare. No one will notice one extra baby.


u/BorkForkMork 2d ago

In a cozy corner, by the firelight's gleam, A cat named Whiskers had a cunning scheme. With her tiny kitten, just a ball of fur, She set off on a mission, quite the connoisseur.

To her master's side, she quietly crept, With her little one, she silently leapt. Into the nursery, she ventured with grace, To introduce her kitten to a tiny, rosy face.

The baby gurgled, the kitten purred, Two worlds collided, absurdly stirred. Innocence met innocence, pure and bright, As whiskers and dimples shared the night.

With a flick of her tail, Whiskers declared, "This is your friend, be gentle, be paired." The baby's laughter, the kitten's mew, A friendship was born, pure and true.

So, in this tale of furry delight, A cat and her kitten, both took flight. With a baby and love, they made a sweet crew, In the heart of their home, where dreams came true.

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u/fe_licia26 2d ago

Awe good mama ♥️


u/Weary-Marionberry429 2d ago

So no one’s gonna talk about how the babys name is blossom

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u/needaburnerbaby 2d ago

Repost #98,662


u/fuqdisshite 2d ago

this is amazing!

i am just some big dude out in the wild... when i see this stuff i get happy in my tumtum.

when we finally recognize that we are all One, we can have some peace.

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u/stolenfires 2d ago

"Is this the kitten pile? Yes, this is the kitten pile. I shall add my kitten to the human kitten and then go hunt some mice to feed everyone bc you're all freeloaders here. Ignore the kibble bowl yonder."


u/baxbooch 2d ago

Y’all be frens!


u/lpeabody 2d ago

Did they really name their child Blossom?


u/Big8Red7 2d ago

Awe she setting up a play date


u/slicedsolidrock 2d ago

Blossom? That's the kid name?


u/PeopleCallMeSimon 2d ago

The kid is named "Blossom" ?


u/larryliaw 2d ago

momma cat bring kitten to inform its new play mate haha


u/pshaver206 2d ago

Wake up, Baby Human, I want you to meet your sibling.


u/yogtheterrible 2d ago

"look child, this baby stays put ...you can learn a lot here."


u/TooManyNamesStop 2d ago

Cat mom: Look this will be your very own human slave in the future!


u/nubbins01 2d ago

As a 90s child, I read that title and half expected to see a Baby Born.


u/Nulono 2d ago

I had to read that title a few times to parse that the kitten was not "born to a human baby".


u/Ghost_Star326 2d ago

Plot twist: She's actually flexing on you how her baby is already walking while yours is still on the ground lying. Take that you inferior hooman!


u/TheWolfwiththeDragon 2d ago

”They’re about the same age. I bet they would get along.”


u/Zealousideal-Item618 2d ago

Fur baby is not impressed, lol.


u/umijuvariel 2d ago

I love Ragdoll cats. They are such sweethearts.


u/markatt83 2d ago

Someone covered this behavior in another subreddit. Mother cats (and dogs or and animal that might have to hunt) will bring their kittens to wherever the other newborns are because they need to hunt or sleep. She is quite literally asking, “Will you look after my young while I find rest or food?” Obviously the child’s mother is not far from the baby.

Momma kitty just needs rest….


u/ZakkCat 2d ago

That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love my ragdolls, they really are part of the family and act like it, especially when they are treated that way, and mine certainly are.


u/Graymalkin1986 2d ago

“Here, this is your responsibility now.” Whether the cat is talking to the kitten or the baby depends on the cat’s personality!


u/ToHerDarknessIGo 2d ago

"Blossom" lol fucking hell


u/BigBoyShaunzee 2d ago

"Look my baby can walk already, yours is still unable to move.. "

I know it's a sweet moment, and I know this cat is trying to bring the babies she cares about together. I just like the idea of the mother cat being all up herself and making it seem like she's a better mother.


u/YoMommaSez 2d ago

IMPORTANT: That baby is too young to lie on its tummy and is at risk of suffocation.


u/vr1252 2d ago

This video is a few years old. The moms on instagram and breeds the cats.

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u/elmz 2d ago

In Norway hospitals give newborns clothing with "This side up when sleeping" on the front. Along with info, of course.


u/Calveezzzy 2d ago

Sure but tummy time is still a recommended exercise for babies, even newborns. Judging from the small pad, the baby is just enjoying some supervised tummy time.

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u/iszoloscope 2d ago

Still amazes me that (most) animal babies can walk around and do 'stuff' and human babies just lay there face planted doing nothing.


u/AlexisRosesHands 2d ago

It’s because of our big brains. They need a lot of time to grow. All our energy goes towards that instead of doing physical stuff when we’re babies.

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u/ras5003 2d ago

So cute 🥰


u/MyPerfectSummer 2d ago

"Here, I have a baby too... Mine is constantly walking away though"


u/fixmysleep 2d ago

Stay here, meet your new friend


u/postapocalyps 2d ago

This is way too cute! Sweet mama kitty 😻


u/KRCManBoi 2d ago

This is so cute :3


u/Professional_Belt_57 2d ago

awh! she wants them to bond <3


u/Large-Training-29 2d ago

(Kratos voice) Look at this; you two are alike... where are you going...?


u/Cabbage_Corp_ 2d ago

You are a princess. You must address your subjects!


u/cococlown15 2d ago

I can hear a “be nice!” through the scene 😂


u/notquitesolid 2d ago

Mama cat may just want a break. You also have young, and if the young are all together then you can watch everyone while mama cat takes a long uninterrupted nap.

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u/wutangcat 2d ago

is this pearls ragdolls? i hate cat breeding but her content is so cute 😭


u/VeterinarianKey7232 2d ago

What if blossom doesn’t blossom


u/Dellta-aka-Connor 2d ago

"Now now, Little one. I know they're ugly hairless creatures, but just say hello. It's polite."


u/cavillchallenger 2d ago

"SEE! This is what a NAP looks like. Get over there and take one so mama can have a break!"


u/OpportunityMore2380 2d ago

Blossom is the kitten's name, right?


u/Delicious_Subject_91 2d ago

lol Mom just wants to park her baby like this baby.


u/tankpuss 2d ago

The big humans feed me therefore..
You there, small human, feed this.

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u/anb7120 2d ago

Where’s Buttercup and Bubbles?


u/Cat_AndFoodSubs 2d ago

The meowing is so adorable


u/Late_Ad_3842 2d ago

You see, this is exactly what I needed this morning ☺️ cuteness overload 💗


u/HoosierBabyForever 2d ago

I love this so much! 🐈🐈❤️


u/kukeszmakesz 2d ago

"See? Little shit is barley 3 days old and can already walk on its own. You weaklings disgust me."


u/Dopmai 2d ago

She's that aunt who brings her shy kid to you so that you could let him play with you.


u/hypatianata 2d ago

All the babies get put together in a pile. Makes perfect sense to me.


u/HiddenCity 2d ago

And the baby won't stay put. I've never identified more with a cat


u/Great_Horny_Toads 2d ago

Momma cat TRIES to introduce her newborn baby to a human baby. Sadly, cats don't listen to other cats either.


u/M00n_Life 2d ago

I think she might be expecting the cat to start explaining?


u/jan1of1 2d ago

actually the human is sleeping on the cat's bed


u/karensmiles 2d ago

Momma Cat: Hold still! See how good other baby is??


u/1920MCMLibrarian 2d ago

We’ll put this baby over here with the rest of the babies.


u/Elle_se_sent_seul 2d ago

"This is your cousin, play nice."


u/The_Emprss 2d ago

The cat has some very compelling arguments!


u/Not_a_werecat 2d ago

"Better put this in the designated kitten area"