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Abortion pill maker seeks to keep challenge to W. Va. abortion ban alive Soft paywall



u/Super_Turnip May 27 '23

GenBioPro in its January lawsuit claims the state's ban on virtually all abortions violates the U.S. Constitution by blocking interstate sales of mifepristone despite its approval more than two decades ago by the FDA.

West Virginian here. I hope mifepristone remains available in my state. The near total ban on abortions places a tremendous burden on impoverished girls and women. We need access to this drug to prevent even greater harm to them.


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I live in the eastern panhandle (Shepherdstown). They dont need to open one on the border because that's already where it is. The only place to get an abortion near me is over the border in Maryland so that's where I got mine. The only other option was three hours away if i wanted to get one in state. There's a prolife documentary that features said clinic but my experience there was a+ and I would recommend it to anyone (I'm talking about the one on the corner of Washington Street and Prospect Ave n Hagerstown... I think they only do abortions on Thursdays, you can tell when they're open because of the protesters outside. Thats how I became a volunteer escort but that's a story for another post).


u/Adequate_Lizard May 28 '23

We thought that about NC. A few backroom deals later we're a few months from becoming Florida.


u/SEA_tide May 28 '23

The "most of West Virginia is close to the borders of other states" argument is used a lot to do very little in terms of changing laws regardless of which political party wants the laws changed.


u/tourny25 May 28 '23

There are currently plans to open a women’s clinic in Rawlings, Maryland. It’s right over the border from West Virginia. Locals in Maryland aren’t thrilled and there’s been a little bit of pushback by some smaller groups, but you’re right that Maryland does have more protections for women and other targeted groups.


u/BaaBaaTurtle May 28 '23

The state as a whole is. But we also sent Andy Harris to congress :⁠-⁠(

Garret and Allegheny (which border WV) tend to be very conservative as well.


u/rainmouse May 29 '23

The damage to low income women is appalling, but also the damage so society as a whole may be felt for decades to come. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legalized_abortion_and_crime_effect


u/YoureHereForOthers May 27 '23

Ahh when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object.

GOP stupidity vs big pharma


u/bihari_baller May 27 '23

I'm actually rooting for Big Pharma in this case.


u/BigClitMcphee May 28 '23

Dang, it's DeSantis vs Disney all over again


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It became profitable to go "woke" (because they did the math and found out it's more popular than appealing to bigots and racists) so now republicans are railing against them because they can't bear the idea of even a step towards equality.


u/DantesDivineConnerdy May 28 '23

Theyre really not anti corporate in any way. Just pro using govt to enforce their culture war shit on corporations and individuals.


u/uncle-benon May 28 '23

Times have changed.


u/Wolfram_And_Hart May 28 '23

Don’t forget Budweiser till they got all “yeah we’re sorry we hate people we promise.”


u/YoureHereForOthers May 28 '23

I had a friend that kept claiming he supported boycotting Budweiser because he had stock in it and he was upset they caused his stock to go down.

I told him if he didn’t boycott and drank more Budweiser the stock would’ve never gone down. He immediately tried to make fun of how worked up I was getting…

Thinking of staging friend intervention for him, he’s really going off the deep-end.


u/YoureHereForOthers May 28 '23

Florida really knows how to pick ‘em.

Not only did they pick their battles in 2 of the industries FAMOUS for insane legal acrobatics but with two of the biggest and best (at legal issues) companies in those industries.


u/LinguoBuxo May 28 '23

DeSantis vs Pillsney


u/ZombieZookeeper May 28 '23

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more, no less.


u/Midnight_Rising May 28 '23

An ally. An enemy's enemy is an ally.


u/YoureHereForOthers May 28 '23

This is America in a nutshell.

We’re a Nut house these days.


u/Fooka03 May 28 '23

Stop calling it the abortion pill. That's not its only purpose, and it doesn't perform that function on its own.


u/apple_kicks May 28 '23

Tbf the word abortion could be less stigmatised


u/Fooka03 May 28 '23

Of course, but that's not the current state of the US unfortunately.


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u/MalcolmLinair May 28 '23

I hate to say it, but Big Pharma and for-profit health care might be our best hopes of keeping abortion rights in this country; the Republicans and Supreme Court couldn't care less about 'the will of the people', but some of the biggest industries on Earth? That might get their attention.