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The shitty one shot meta is back and it sux!


Playing since items change feels like there was never any durability patch. I literaly one shoted the ennemy viktor with 1 q spell as mf with yumu AT 10mins into the game. I wasn't even that fed (good farm + 2 kills). And right now talon, zed, kayn and every other lethality assassins are just oneshot machines it's so stupid it's not even funny to play with or against them.

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Idea Screenshot your Refunds here or stfu


All whiners about unfair practices in D4 screenshot your refunds here, we can start a megathread of criers about various "unfair" advantages. Unfair promos, the almighty Ashava Horn Trophy, KFC and SteelSeries promos, The South Korea promo and now the race to level 100 hardcore trophy, post your complaint with your refund

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Sport Bayern München ist Deutscher Fußballmeister

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r/pics 15h ago I'll Drink to That Narwhal Salute

I don't have any friends or family to share with, but I went to a museum today!


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Tasteless and inhumane

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Way to keep it classy Dayton.

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S TIFU by thinking I was hitting it off with a girl, but really she thought I was her interviewer


This happened about thirty minutes ago. As I was getting off my shift at the cafe, I spotted a cutie sitting at a table alone. I don’t usually do this, but my own coffee fix had just hit and I was feeling confident, so I walked up to her and took the seat across from her and sparked up a conversation. I did the whole “what’s your poison” gag and got her a latte macchiato with extra cream, for free. In my mind, I was being an extremely charming pick-up, hooking her up with brew and no charge.

I started asking her questions about herself, and she was answering them so readily and fully. She kept referring to her “skills” and “customer service experience,” and instead of being tipped off that something else was going on, I thought what are the odds, another workaholic, just like me.

About an hour in, she asked me, politely, how much longer this was going to take since she had a shower to get to. I asked her what she meant: how much longer what was going to take?

“The interview,” she said innocently. That’s when it hit me. She thought I was interviewing her for the open barista position (the last guy lost a finger, but that’s another post for a different subreddit). I immediately felt my cheeks burn up and stood up.

All I could muster was “we will be in touch.” And then I ran out the front door.

I am really embarrassed. I’ve never had a girlfriend and thought I was finally having some luck. I just hope she doesn’t figure out what just happened and reschedule for a real interview, because if I have to work with her I don’t know what I’ll do.

TL;DR I may need to find a new job

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I ❤ India Hindu muslim karne se ghar nhi chalta

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100% i am going to be cancelled in this sub

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Shout out to all my Nurse haters


Some reports have said that Nurse didn't "pull out" of the Bucks job as much as knew he wasn't getting it and tried to save face. It looks terrible when he can't even congratulate one of his assistants. Not the mark of a real leader.

Nurse is one of the best scheme coaches but absolutely abysmal when it comes to actually dealing with people. That plus his inability to develop guys, throwing everyone under the bus, and never changing his defensive scheme. I think there was a lot more dysfunction that we didn't even see.

So it's great that everyone who was saying since last year that Nurse needed to go were right. Or at the very least, he was a big part of why this team looked utterly broken this season.

Big ups AG. Will be rooting for him next season.

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General There Are No Limits For Gacha

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r/diablo4 16h ago Platinum All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Bravo Grande!

Opinion Can't have fun challenges because everyone wants a participation medal


This community needs to calm down. Wow, screw blizzard for adding some spice to the pre-season Era of diablo iv. Streamers will always have an advantage, they do this for a living. I want to see more stuff like this, not less. Either try for it or don't, all this leads to is more people raging if they don't make the cut, just like with the Ashava trophy.

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AITA AITA for rejecting my proposal and laughing at him.....


I know I sound like the asshole, but I need to give background information so you can better understand. I 21f have been best friends with 23m for about 5 years, I've always felt feelings for her but too scared to say, I've been just best friends with him just until I get up the courage to confess my feelings.

Recently me him and my family went on a trip to the Bahamas. The Bahamas is my dream vacation I've always wanted to go, so when he asked me I thought he might confess his feelings towards me. One day while the Bahamas he asked me and my family if we wanted to go to the beach with him, I was a little reluctant because I really didn't feel like going to the beach. My family insisted I go because my best friend has a surprise for me.

We get to the beach and I see a marriage proposal sign, I thought that someone else might propose tonight so I asked if we can sit closer to see The Proposal. He said of course but my family stayed away. That should have been my first red flag, my family loves watching proposals and to see them back away from one was a bit strange. My best friend walked me over to the proposal and he stands right in front of the sign, he gets down on his knees and asked me to marry him, I am very confused at this point because we haven't even dated, we've just been friends.

I didn't know what to do at that point, the only logical explanation I could think of is that it was a silly joke. I know that sounds stupid but we joke around a lot and I just thought it was one of his silly jokes that he always does, when he asked me to marry him all I did was laugh and say no. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and then I realized it was not a joke, I was so confused why would he ask me to marry him when we haven't even dated, yeah I was very close to him and I knew him very well but he dated during our friendship. He got up off his knees and asked me why wouldn't I marry him, I told him we have not even dated, and I thought it was just a joke, he told me why would I joke about something like that. After that night my whole family left the hotel without me, all they left me was my plane ticket home and and a note that says "we're very disappointed". I couldn't believe he was serious, and he made my family think that we were dating

Once I've got home I open my phone to to my whole family cussing me out saying that I'm just a bitch and I could have rejected him a bit easier, my whole family was saying why would I stay with someone that long and not marry them, I was so confused and pissed off at my best friend. Why would he tell everyone that we were dating. I for sure don't think I'm the AITA but everyone else thinks I am.


I know it doesn't sound true but I promise it is

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Discussion How does BOTW do it? How is it so bloody immersive? :)


I’ve always been a cynical skeptic, contrary and acerbic by nature, I feel that anything that’s immensely popular and gets rave reviews is probably nowhere near as good as it purports to be…

I always thought “meh, BOTW is just another mediocre adventure game with pretty graphics, pretty, but shallow” (I’ve never been a Zelda fan, not an RPG fan…)

I was wrong, at least in this case…

BOTW is an amazing masterpiece, the gameplay is so immersive, so engrossing, it slowly draws you into the world of Hyrule, and before you know it, it’s 3 AM (thankfully it’s the weekend, who needs sleep anyway? ;) )

The open-ness of the world is amazing, solutions to most problems are not scripted, and are open to interpretation… can’t get past that camp of Bokoblins blocking the road at the bottom of the hill? Climb to the apex of the hill, conjure a round bomb (the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?) roll it down the hill into the camp from safely atop the hill, and count to five! No, wait, …three!

And someone tell me how a 5.5” LCD screen (I’ve got the Lite…) can give me vertigo! Make me hold my breath while climbing a mountain, and just generally cause a height related ‘pucker factor’ when I’m lying on my bed, which sits solidly on box springs on the floor and is only about 2’ off the ground?

Climbing the Dueling Peaks to Shee Vanderbilt shrine is literally breathtaking! I just wish I was a tenth of a bit as fit as Link, is it normal to be envious of the fitness level of a group of pixels on a screen? ;)

Climbing that peak, having to balance grip, endurance, and the cold (Red ChuChu jelly seems to work serviceably as a heat source) had my senses tingling…

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface here, but this is the most immersive game I’ve ever played, it’s worth every accolade it’s received…

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It’s not a “tip,” it’s a BID for service.


The customer is not tipping the driver before the service, they are bidding for a driver to pick up and deliver food to them.

If you want to hire someone to paint a room for you, would you expect the painter to perform the service for you and then hope that you pay them? No

Legit drivers are not going to pick up and deliver your food and hope that you pay them for the service. Just the same as any type of contracted work.

So yes, it IS up to the customer to provide a decent and fair wage for any type of work they are receiving. This is why if you don’t provide a decent bid (“tip”) your job won’t get accepted. And if it does, chances are you will have a shitty “painter.” You get what you pay for.

Delivery apps provide a PLATFORM for customers and contractors to conduct business. This is why the drivers are not employees for the app.

You are not “tipping” before the service is provided, you are BIDDING for a service to BE provided.

It’s really not that difficult to understand. These constant circular arguments about “tipping” are completely irrelevant.

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Rate My Avatar A few of my avatars, rate them in the comments! Idc what you think of them, roast the hell out of em if you want.


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Ex-CIA Officer: Truth About UFOs Is Terrifying & Interdimensional Beings Are Within Us


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Politics Prime Minister of a Secular, Democratic Nation.

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Question Is Chick-Fil-A still coming to London?


As a former resident I still have lots of friends in London and still come to visit a lot. Just wondering if there’s still plans for Chick-Fil-A to setup in London, as there hasn’t really been any updates since January. Had it in Kitchener-Waterloo once before I moved away from London, and now I crave it every now and again. It’d be a lot more convenient locally so wondering if anyone has heard anything.

Edit: Just wanted to thank the few useful answers on here. To the rest of you triggered people on here; cry more.

Edit 2: This has been answered if moderators wanna lock this so that all the disrespectful answers in here can be cleared easier.

Final Edit: I will be sure to make a post when Chick-Fil-A opens, maybe it'll be a nice closeup of the chicken sandwich I'm enjoying on opening day well a small group of noisemakers protest outside.

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Discussion WoW Token Down to 6.6k Gold on My Server is this really “killing” classic?


Title ^

Like most of you I was very surprised when the WoW token got added but looking at the price of it now is it really a problem? On my server Westfall the token was down to 6.6k gold last night that is extremely cheap especially for me as someone who doesn’t farm gold or buy gold. Yet the cost is the same $25 CAD. In fact I earned 200+ gold from Argent tournament dailies in 20 minutes which I do for fun. Is the token really a problem now? Good BOEs cost 4K+, crafted ones 2k+, and I don’t think 6k will take you very far in any good gdkp.

I don’t like the token either but is it that bad for the game? $25 for 6.6k gold is horrible value. The other way however it is great value for the casual or hardcore player, free 30 days for 6.6k. Much better than paying $50+ CAD for 60 days of game time.

I’m of the opinion that many on this sub are overreacting to the wow token. There is also the point that someone has to buy your token for you to get gold meaning no gold is created it only changes hands. It’s almost like many of you don’t play the game and see these things in action.

Also typed on mobile may have bad formatting sorry.

TLDR: token is down to 6k gold, it’s not enough gold to buy everything and you can get game time now much easier, stop overreacting.

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To prove a point.

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Why did they give 3 seconds?


Foul was called with 2.1. Go look at the still (I’m too dumb to know how to post it here) the foul CLEARLY didn’t happen with 3 seconds left

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BuzzFeed is Finally Dead for Good


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Food 🍕🌮 Cincinnati's Chili Parlors, Ranked

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Discussion ‘Tolerate It’ is the most heartbreaking song about Taylor and Joe’s relationship imo


I never really brought it up, because when it was released everyone was adamant about it being completely fictional (it’s based off of a book).

However, Taylor said herself that she related to Rebecca (whom the song is about) at some point in her life.

As a track 5 (which is reserved for her most personal and vulnerable song) I’ve always felt that she was in the midst of the “some point in her life” that she was referring to.

After knowing all we know now, the song cuts deeper than it did before.

With that, I don’t think Joe is at fault in any way. People love differently and they were simply incompatible. It also doesn’t invalidate her feelings. The story is from her perspective, not his. She needed something he couldn’t give her and she was hurt by it. One could feel uncared for when in reality they’re deeply cared for. There’s no black and white, right or wrong. They just weren’t right for each other.

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