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OP got offended It's really not that bad.

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This era will be dubbed the Clown 🤡 Era

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It’s not about religion 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Apparently not being vegan makes you dumb?

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North Korea Kim Jong Un wipes away tears as he calls on women in North Korea to have more babies


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Gameplay Met s1mple in a game and he wasnt like i expected him to be


Met S1mple in a random Game late at night. he was queued with his 4 other Friends that also were really Toxic and used different slurs(including making fun of my Country and being Homophobic). Already tried posting this in the globaloffensive subreddit but it got taken down so im posting it in here so it might reach a bigger audience


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How trans accepting is Tauranga?


For a clearly "not passing" trans person. We are 3 friends coming for a holiday, will be around for a week and my bro is concerned he's going to be treated badly and not enjoy the trip. He wants to not come now. What's the general vibe / level of discrimination around in public

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Careers & Work LPT: “No, your last name.” is undefeated.


All of us have forgotten the names of people we’ve met before, especially coworkers. The best way to get their name without seeming rude? Ask them straight up.

“Hey, what’s your name again?” They’ll almost always tell you their first name. Then you follow up with “No, your last name.” Boom. No harm, no foul. If they ask you why, just say that you were curious. This never fails.

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stackswopo | Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) Bro called it 💀

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Help/Advice Why does this Oscar do this when my son looks in the tank? It also follows him when he walks past.

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Please tell me this isn’t real

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Brother pride ready fight along his brothers and sisters and and attack helicopters


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GLOW UP! Finding my true self was awkward at times but I'm so much happier now! (32 NB)


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Diskussion [Spoiler] Joey Kellys Reaktion auf Jan


In der letzten Folge (11) erzählt Jan am Ende davon, dass es ihm psychisch extrem schlecht geht und er sogar schon daran denkt sich selbst zu verletzen. Ich fand es richtig schön, dass er als Mann dazu steht und zeigt, dass auch das ein legitimer Grund sein kann. Leider bin ich extrem enttäuscht von Joey Kellys Reaktion. In dem Abschnitt, den man sieht, geht er null darauf ein was Jan gesagt hat. Alles was er tut ist ihm Vorwürfe machen: „Du hast dich hier beworben“ (implizit enthalten ist darin für mich: also musst du das auch zu Ende machen), einfach insgesamt mehr sowas in die Richtung „reiß dich zusammen“. Kein Wunder, dass Jan sich einsam fühlt neben ihm. Zudem sieht es für mich so aus als ob Joey sich dafür entschieden hätte so lange es geht zu fasten, worauf Jan wohl nicht eingestellt war. Und Joey scheint auch so als hätte er Erfahrung mit fasten, Jan hingegen nicht. Und Joey lässt Jan einfach alleine im Regen stehen mit der Tatsache, dass alleine schon der Hunger ihn psychisch zermartert.
Der hätte Jan nach dem was er ihm so offen erzählt hat auch einfach mal in den Arm nehmen oder zumindest etwas Verständnis äußern können, aber da erwartet man wohl zu viel. Einfach ne richtig typische boomer Reaktion, auf etwas wirklich wichtiges und berührendes.

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Discussion [D] ChatGPT4 doesn’t cut it for my work. Need a more accurate tool.


I've been using ChatGPT for my research, but it keeps spitting out wrong or nonsensical answers. I'm working on a project about environmental policies, and I need factual data from spanning over a fairly long period. I wanted to make it easier for myself so I asked ChatGPT. Instead of getting just the facts, I got a mix of right and totally off-the-wall stuff. Had to fact check everything and in the end it took me the same amount of time and effort as if I had done the work myself, except costing me for the GPT subscription.

I did some research and found out that it's a common problem with AIs, called "hallucination." I need an AI that gives me correct information, not random guesses. No made up sources for god’s sake.

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Discussion Bro the Beatles segment on this episode


I know what I am getting into every week but the blatant misinformation about the Beatles getting worse over time because of drugs made me cringe so bad. Yeah they did lsd but 99% of beatles fans would agree that the second half of their discography is their best music. 10/10 episode would listen again

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Discussion Hogwarts Legacy is a huge disappointment for me


I have waited to buy this because I didn't want to spend the money but I decided, let's do it! I was so so excited for this game. I've played about 2.5 hours so far and I'm already extremely bored.

The castle feels empty even though it's never ending, the load screens take forever, I feel like half of my playtime is waiting on load screens, the NPCs are boring, and honestly the storyline hasn't caught me at all.

I remember how I felt watching the first movie and it was so magical and exciting, I thought I would feel the same way finally getting into Hogwarts and all haha. Anyone else have rhe same feelings? Or did I expect to much?

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Why is this double standard in appearance so acceptable in dating?


I’m curious fellas, why is it that women can complain that a guy isn’t tall enough, but a guy can’t complain that a woman has put on too much weight?

The man has no say in what height he’ll grow to. However the woman can definitely change her consumption habits.

I know there is a lot of body positivity out there and I’m okay with that to an extent, but what makes it SO okay for a women to openly say a guys gotta be at least 6feet?

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Multiple countries Didn't get your last covid vaccination? Many Americans didn't. Time to reconsider.


This is why:

Note: I don't think he's saying this successful new variant is more deadly than previous ones, though I personally don't like the mentions of increased deaths in Scandinavia I've heard. He is saying this thing is out-competing everything else (roughly speaking: more contagious), and reading between the lines, may be likely to present with different symptoms - and is going to take off in the US shortly.

But the most recent vaccine works against it. However, most people haven't bothered to get the most recent vaccine, so we're probably going to see a spike in hospitals and deaths over the next couple months. It's preventable, so be a prepper and prevent it.

Note: I cheerfully block anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists and I'm just going to start doing it silently. Just expect I'll lose you if you have problems with what mainstream epidemiologists are saying and don't have solid cites to back up your opinion.

(As usual, there's no good choice for Flair; has anyone figured out that pandemics are world-wide issues? This doesn't just apply to north america.)

Edit: to the idiots who are asking if I work for Pfizer, et al: I'm retired from the defense industry and have never worked for any pharma company. I don't even own stock in any of them anymore. (I dumped them near a peak, and that was some time ago.)

You're idiots if you think that people interested in public health are all fans of pharma companies. Quite a few people in epidemiology and public health in general are furious at pharma. Did you see how they proposed pricing Paxlovid? They'll burn in hell for that one. Don't get me started on insulin.

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Discussion Fusion is Better than Dread


Metroid Dread sold and reviewed really well but Fusion has had a less warm reception, so I wanted to voice my opinion that Fusion is the better game between the two.

Fusion has better atmosphere, more challenging combat, more interesting boss battles, and the SA-X is better than the Emmi.

The major reason people cite for not liking it is its extreme linearity, but I think it does it well. For a portable game meant to be played in chunks, having a strict linear path is not necessarily a bad thing and the game works well with its linearity.

On the other side, I found Dread to have a boring atmosphere with generic areas, the combat was gimmicky, the bosses had flashy finish moves that reminded me of Other M, the fast travel made the exploration less organic feel linear, and the Emmi grew boring really quickly.

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Smiling Friends has been greenlit!

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r/SeattleWA 12h ago

Politics Can we all just agree that Jayapal has to go?


I never expected much from Jayapal, but... she's gotta go after this, right? If she can't even oppose rape on first blush... fuck sake...

r/YUROP 3h ago

❗⁉️ Deutscher Humor They hated him because he told the truth

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Evil infodump I'm starting to dislike how people use difficulties faced by autistic people to peddle ideologies on this sub.


Now I'd like to start this post with some disclaimers:

A. I believe that the vast majority of this sub (including me) lie somewhere on left wing, so this post is going to be made surrounding that idea, and most ideologies I mention or am implying will be variations of progressive to leftist

B. I do believe in the idea that aspects of our current societal systems exacerbate issues faced by those with autism, and I am NOT saying that any discussion of these ideas should be dismissed.

Alright with those out of the way we can continue:

I have seen a lot of posts and comments on this sub proposing what are primarily hard left ideologies, and while there are ways that that wouldn't fundamentally be a bad thing, but on a sub like this and with how it's phased I think it is becoming problematic.

The inherent nature of this subreddit, being a place where people come to discuss autistic issues from an autistic lens, means there will be quite a few vulnerable people, who are easy to emotionally manipulate and may not be in the best frame of mind. So now moving forward with the idea that this sub attracts people who may not be in the best place we can get to my main issue:

The way people discuss their beliefs here is (whether intentionally or not) manipulative, because often when these discuss these beliefs is not mere assertions but rather an attempt to bring people into their fold, and they do this by making the statement that negative experiences held by people they are speaking to, is all the fault of whatever system they villainize.

This is manipulative regardless of what you believe in, because it plays into the pain and fear they have experienced to convince them, rather than letting the ideas stand as their own under logical scrutiny, I find it to be a method that is populist, morally bankrupt, and you see it employed by people in the alt right.

I dunno, as someone with autism I never like it when people, play into people's emotions like this. And I feel like it's starting to appear in this sub.

Have a nice day if your seeing this.

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My friend os a cleaner and the person who hired her wants her to replace this sink because she cleaned it too much


Posting on behalf of my friend. She’s a cleaner and found this bathroom sink as in the first photo. Left it shining like the second. She really thought the client would love it and be so happy, but Client says she ruined the stained paint and she has now to replace the whole sink.

I think the after looks sooo much better, but even if she was attached to that stained dark copper, is it fair to ask her to replace the whole thing!?