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Venting I surprised my girlfriend with Taylor swift tickets, she wanted to bring her friend instead


me and my girlfriend,(both 26) have been dating for three years now. my girlfriend is a huge Taylor swift fan and was really excited when she found out taylor would be performing at met life stadium, right near us. I decided to surprise her with taylor swift concert tickets, since i knew she really wanted to go. I called in sick the day the tickets dropped and waited in the ticket master cue for 2 hours. finally when it opened up, i bought two seats, for 400 dollars each, presumably one for her, and another for me. When she came back from work that night i surprised her with the tickets, and she was ecstatic. However, when I claimed i was excited to go with her, she got very confused and claimed she thought the two tickets were for her and her best friend, (who is also a big Taylor swift fan). I was very disappointed since I believed that this was an experience we could do together and it would be something we would remember for the rest of our lives. My girlfriend could tell I was upset and said she would be happy to go with me instead. I told her she should go with whoever she wanted to go with more, and to not go with me just because it was what i had planned. After hearing this my girlfriend immediately called her friend and told her that they were going to the taylor swift concert together (ouch). I told my girlfriend that if her friend wanted to go with her she had to pay the 400 dollars for the ticket and her friend agreed to. While my girlfriend and her friend went together and both had a great time I felt betrayed since she chose her over me. While i know my girlfriend’s bff is a much bigger taylor swift fan than me, i was still excited to go since i’ve never been to a concert before, and i like to listen to some of taylor swifts songs. Like i said before i also believed this would be a memory we could both remember together. Should I have done things differently and not given up my ticket so willingly?

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Venting My sister died during post-partum and I'm a complete wreck.


My 28 year old sister gave birth to her first daughter 2 weeks ago. I 17f was in the hospital together with my parents and her husband. The birth went pretty smooth, although she was screaming so loud.. I was so excited to be an auntie and holding my newborn niece in my arms was a precious moment.

Everything seemed fine afterwards . My sister came home about 3 days later and she and her husband stayed with me and my parents as they needed help to take care of the baby. But 2 days after she came home, she was experiencing exhaustion, pain in her body, and she constantly fainting. She kept insisting that she was fine but our mother said that fainting is not "fine" and brought her back to the hospital, where they discovered an infection or internal bleeding or both somewhere in her body and they were unable to treat it in time despite giving her mounds of antibiotics before she passed away 2 days later.

A week has passed since, and 3 days since the funeral. I can't stop crying and thinking that if the doctors had noticed that something was wrong, my sister could still be alive.

I loved my sister to death. She was my role model growing up. Now I lost her forever and only have my niece, who is completely unaware of what's going on. I'm sad, and angry, and upset and I miss my big sister so freaking much... I can't talk about this with my friends and she was my only sibling. My parents aren't helping much as they're also grieving, so I don't know what I'm expecting to get from here but I'm just a complete freaking wreck.

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Venting Husband wants to reset his whole life.


Hi, I'm a 35 year old woman married to a 45 year old man for over 7 years. We have 4 beautiful kids. My husband recently had his birthday this week. I surprised him with a pregnancy test result that we will be having a 5th child. He seemed to have a meltdown when he heard it and he said no, it is impossible, we have been careful. I thought he would be happy as he said it himself when we were dating that he wants a lot of kids. I calmed him down somehow... Yesterday, I went with my husband to the gynecologist to have my sonogram and the doctor says I am 10 weeks pregnant and we are having twins. My husband was livid. He keeps screaming no no no no no. I lost count of him saying no. After his meltdown at doctors office he told me that he just can't have 6 kids at his age. I got confused as what he is saying- as I know he wanted a big family. he wanted it himself. I cried and told him what are we supposed to do and he keep saying that he just can't have 6 kids. On our way home he says how he should not have gotten married and have kids and he does not know anymore if his life is worth it, that he'd be happy to have a reset button. I got so mad I told him that it takes two to tango, that creating a kid is not just my fault. Today I woke up with screaming and crying kids begging their father to not go. Turns out he already packed and ready to go. My 3 year old is hugging his fathers luggage and crying and his face is stoic. By then I knew I was stupid to committing a mistake of marrying him. It maybe hard as I am pregnant right now, but I got a full time job and we do have a nanny and supportive family and friends. It is best if he go, I do not need another baby to take care of. So, to my dear soon to be ex-husband Jerry, F*CK YOU. don't come back.

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Venting My partner cheated and I lost everything


I (24f) and my ex L (27M) had been together for 6.5 years and had started dating when I was an undergrad. He moved with me to a new city for my graduate degree where we adopted 2 cats and got engaged January of 23. He had met B (20f) at work and we all became close friends. We let her stay with us for a week when she needed to escape her ex and helped her move into her new place. In june L started a massive argument right before we went on vacation and broke the new that he thought he was poly and wanted to be able to explore this or he thought he might have to leave me at some point. I’m extremely monogamous and this made me very uncomfortable, but to save my relationship I agreed to try things out casually with B, because I’m bi and I trusted her enough to be vulnerable. My one rule was that nothing sexual should happen with her while the other wasn’t there. Fast forward several weeks and he is spending a ton of time with her when I’m not around, including when I’m out of town with friends. When I got back my anxiety that something had happened was overwhelming and I had a breakdown asking if he had cheated while I was gone. He blew up saying he was hurt, and barely spoke to me for a week. One night I couldn’t sleep and went through his phone, for which I had standing permission to do, and found out he had sexted her multiple times while I was in the room, which broke all my rules. I confronted him with the evidence and instead of trying to work it out he said he was moving out. This moving out process took a month. After attempting to remain friends, B blew up at me. B threatened me, told me I was a horrible person, that I was pathetic, and mocked me on social media before blocking me. L stayed living in our apartment, sleeping in my bed, and spending time with her even when I asked him not to. Finally after a month of him abusing my generosity and emotionally destroying me, he moved out. I helped him, even though B was there and even though I was badly injured. When I dropped by his new place a few days later with stuff he needed, she was there. He told me never to come back to his apartment and said he wanted to go no contact.

I’m broken. I’m living in an apartment I can’t afford with 2 cats that don’t understand why their dad won’t come home. I lost my best friend and the person I was planning on spending the rest of my life with, and I’m barely coping. I went on a date with a nice guy but I’m terrified to open up to anyone because I don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable, as the last 2 times went so poorly and damaged my mental health so badly. I barely eat because I can’t afford groceries but I can’t move because my cats and I need to stay close to work for my graduate program. I lost a family through this, and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

Edit 1: there’s some concern about ages. I was 18 when we started dating, I turn 25 in 2 months. No pedophilia here friends.

Edit 2: I understand I was naive. I should have stood up for myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. This was my first major relationship. I am getting help. I never said I wasn’t learning from this. I likely won’t see your horrible comments but I hope you feel better from posting them. Thank you to everyone who has been kind. I didn’t ask for anything, I was just trying to get a horrible situation off my chest.

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Venting I just caught my mom cheating


i dont know what to say lol, im a 16 year old girl and my mom is 41, all throughout my life i knew my mom and dad were cheating on each other, but never caught them red handed or anything, but i guess that changed today.

At first i was waiting for then to take action, we have a big yard and they were really far away from home, (my dad and my brother are away to fish on the lake as in typing this) i dont know how but i managed to sneak down there without being noticed. I saw the guy, a disgusting whale, obese. Pretty sure my mom was in it for the money but i managed to cuss him out and storm out of there.

Anyway this brings me to my question, why are parents still seeking to look for some fun when they’re already settled down, i dont get it. It hurts, even her touch disgusts me and the worst part is, she was very calm about it, asked me why was i panicking in a mocking manner. I feel like shit, this family lets me down every time im trying to get back on track. My school is starting very soon, i was trying to be a better student and get better grades and study fir my finals, but I seriously dont know how this in any shape or form would help me. I was already burnt out, i dont know im just blurting shit now lol. Just know that if you ever marry, please be faithful with them, or at least try to hide it when you’re cheating, your children will know anyway and it will ruin them.

Edit: I’m seeing a lot of comments so let me clear things up, no they’re not in an open relationship, they still get mad when they catch each other in the act.

I get that it’s “normal” and no one can be really committed in relationships, if then, you shouldn’t have a kid. Your kid shouldn’t have to see what you do and im confident enough to say im not being selfish here. As I’ve said, i knew they were doing this for years but bringing your fling over to a place where your kid lives is very wrong. They could’ve picked a motel for example, why a place where im supposed to feel safe, and for people saying its none of my business, it is because my space is being invalidated and I’m receiving the damage from it the most, and no, im not using this as an excuse to fail my school year, trust me i want to get out of here more than you would imagine.

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Venting Had sex with my Professor's daughter


First of all I'm from Germany so English isn't my first language so excuse me if my writing is a bit odd. Last year I moved across the country to attend my dream college. At that point I've been single for about a year and wanted to meet someone new. I found a cute girl on instagram that lived nearby and for the next few weeks we texted every day. When we finally met at my place we instantly clicked and had a great time chatting and watching our favorite show together. The next time we saw eachother was at her house because her parents were gone and we ended up having sex multiple time on that weekend. The problem started on Sunday because her parents came home way earlier then expected and they caught us in the act on their couch. She has already mentioned that her Dad was a college professor but we were in a city with multiple colleges and tons of different courses so I didn't think much of it. A few weeks later the next semester started and to say I was in shock as her Dad entered the room would be an understatement. He unpacked his things and began to introduce himself while looking through the room filled with approximately 250 people. When we locked eyes he stopped talking for a second and I could pretty much see that the picture of me and his daughter on their couch was engraved into his eyeballs. It was a short but intense pause that felt like an eternity to me. Guess I'm not passing that class anytime soon.

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Venting Cut off my mother because she allowed the guy who SA'ed me to visit my daughter. 10 years later she wants to fix our relationship and get to know her grandkids.


13 years ago I was SA’ed by my boyfriend's(now husband) ex best friend(we’ll call him J) when I was 16. My mother never liked my husband ever since we started dating back when we were 13. She always wanted me to be with J because J came from a “good family”. So when J assaulted me she didn’t believe me despite all the evidence that he assaulted me. J mom was also my moms boss so I think that might have had a huge part in her not believing me.

So while I was waiting for trial I moved in with my boyfriend and his parents. During this time I found out I was pregnant and I knew it wasn’t my boyfriend’s because we were never intimate and I was never with anyone like that before hand. J ended up taking a plea deal got no jail time in exchange for him never having any right to see my daughter. When my daughter was born my mother asked me to move back home and said sorry for everything and she did.

A year after my daughter was born I went to college a few hours away and my mom retired early to watch her while I went to college. During the week I stayed on campus so I didn’t have to drive back and forth and on the weekends I came home and I also called every night to make sure my daughter was okay.

My second year of college me and my boyfriend eloped and my mom did not like that one bit even though we’ve been together for 6 years at that point and he takes care of my daughter like she’s his and still does to this day. So one day we had a big snowstorm and my Thursday and Friday classes were cancelled. So I went home early without telling my mom and guess who was in the kitchen when I walked in J’s mom, my mom and J. J was also holding my daughter when I walked in. They were surprised to say the least and I started flipping out naturally and grabbed my daughter and packed a bag with her stuff. My mother and J’s mother were pleading with me to not leave while I was packing. When I went to leave my mom was crying now begging me to forgive her. I said I would never forgive her and went to walk out. On my way out J grabbed my arm and said I should be nicer to my mother. My mother called me hundreds of times but I never answered her.

I left got an apartment with my husband and daughter. Got a babysitter for when I was in class. A week after this incident my mother put over 100k in my bank account to buy me over or get me to talk to her. I really don't know.

My younger sister just got married and my mother was at the wedding and I had to be civil to her. She asked about my daughter and son and current pregnancy. She told me how she wanted to fix things with me and see her grandkids before she eventually dies and how she’s always believed me about the assault. She just didn’t want to be fired. I asked her if she still hangs out with J’s mother. She said sometimes but mostly at church I left the conversation at that.

She’s my mother. I love her. I miss her; she raised me and my sister all by herself( well with the help of a few Nannie’s to) but I don’t know if I will ever be able to completely forgive her. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.

Long story sorry about that, I just wanted to vent about the current crap in my life.

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Venting I’m 17 and pregnant with twins and have very religious parents


Please stop messaging me about getting an abortion it’s very inappropriate. I have said many times I’m not getting one.

Another edit: I will be able to support these children I have money saved. so everyone that is saying I’m gonna be a terrible parent just know that I am gonna buy a house with money I have saved and support these babies even if my parents don’t help me. Also I’m not gonna be living off food stamps or anything like that. I don’t think anything is wrong with that but obviously a lot of people do for some reason. ALSO I’m NOT getting an abortion!! My body my choice and also the state I live in it’s literally a crime unfortunately. I will not be putting them up for adoption either. I am going to get a therapist that specializes in teen pregnancy’s. I know I’m young but I’m not that stupidity I have almost a 4.0 gpa Also for rn my bf and I are still together we are having issues but it’s all because of the stress we were under. We have talked and even if our relationship doesn’t work out he will still be there for his kids his parents are gonna make sure of that.

Also I don’t want to talk about my finances. My dad is a developer and I get money added to MY account monthly. You don’t need to know how much is in my account right now or how much I get monthly. Just know it’s enough to take care of two children.

Edit: I told my parents we sat down at my boyfriends parents house and talked about it. I told them and we talked as a group for about 10 minutes. Then I decided to let the adults talk it out and we went upstairs and my boyfriend and I talked. They are upset, but they told me that they would not kick me out. They wish I told them sooner though. I’m going to stay over at my boyfriends house tonight to let them calm down and gather their thoughts. But they definitely were not as mad as I thought they would be. My mom actually thought that I could’ve because she noticed I hadn’t been using any of the feminine products in the bathroom. We are going to have a private ultrasound sometime next week probably.

Thank you everyone that left supportive/helpful comments. They helped me a lot and that’s the only reason why I told them today. I can’t read everyone’s comments because there’s just so many but sincerely thank you to everyone that left meaningful/helpful comments. I know I am a child, but if anything finding out, I’m pregnant has made me more mature and I’m ready to have these babies.

So about three months ago, my family and boyfriend of 9 months at the time go on a vacation to the beach. I was on birth control, but I forgot to pack it. I was worried, but I thought would be fine cause my parents won’t let us be alone ever. Well, a couple in nights and we were texting in bed and things were getting frisky. So I 3 AM I went to his room and I think you can know what happened. Well he had forgot I was not on birth control and did not pull out. So in the morning I asked my mom can I drive to the store, and she told me no. So there was no way I could get a Plan B. So I was freaking out and so was my boyfriend but we decided it probably wasn’t gonna happen I’ll be fine. Well now I am 4 months pregnant WITH TWINS and my parents still don’t know. My boyfriends parents have been the ones taking me to the appointments. And I check the mail every day to throw away any insurance bills that we get. I don’t know what to do because I know if I tell them they are probably going to kick me out. They don’t even approve of me having a boyfriend before the age of 18. But I told them it’s like having a best friend that’s just a male. I also told him that we would never ever do anything before marriage. So if I tell them, they are probably never going to trust me again and leave my babies and I homeless. I know that my boyfriends parents will let me live there but he is the oldest of five kids and there’s just not enough room for me and the babies. I’m trying to hold out as long as I can to tell them but I’m gaining weight rapidly and I know it’s going to be any day now that my mom is going to ask why ive gained weight. I’ve always been super skinny. And I try to wear as much baggy clothes I can, but it’s so hot just sometimes I can’t. I will be 18 two months after the babies born and my boyfriend will be 17 in a couple months. So I’m at a loss I don’t know if I should tell my parents or wait it out as long as I can. Because I feel like if they were to find out without me telling them they would be even more upset. Thank you for reading. Just need to get this off my chest.

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Venting I just recently returned to college/Uni at 31 and it’s already been pretty wild


So I (F31) just recently went back to college/uni felt like it was the right step in my life to take right now after a ton of turmoil in my personal life, which was losing my husband 4 years ago and then subsequently becoming estranged from my family and going no contact etc.

Anywho it was a bit of a decision deciding to go back but I decided it was the best move for me but I have been feeling like a tad bit out of place with all the younger people around me though they initially assume I’m in my early 20s which is somewhat of a confidence boost but the 2 girls I’ve seemingly connected with more than others are 18 and 19 respectively which is a large gap but they’re very sweet girls.

They convinced me to attend a party last night which I was contemplating but ultimately decided you know what just go for it life is only so short especially with losing my husband so young. So I went to the party and it was good fun for the most part both girls did convince me into talking to a guy who was apparently interested in me we did spend chatting for a bit and he ended up making a move and kissing me I was quite surprised by it it’s definitely been a while since I’ve had something like this happen and I ended up following through with it and we ended up in one of the dorm rooms where we had sex,a strange and definitely unexpected turn of events.

Now this morning i definitely did feel super weird about the whole ordeal I didn’t even do something like this when I was last in uni/college and then I found out he’s 18! And gosh I’ve been absolutely mortified since haha I am cringing badly I don’t think I’ll be able to live this down.

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Venting I think my boyfriend is lying about his divorce.


I (42F) and my boyfriend (48M) have been together for five years.

We met online, something I had never thought I would try, but at the time, I had been single for many years and my sister had recommended it to me. I was reluctant at first. She kept telling me how she had found many dates through this website and that it would be perfect for me as I’m always busy working so I could just use it in my free time or only when I felt like it. Anyway, one night over dinner she told me about this man she had recently met through the website and how perfect he was for her and how she could see a future with him. So I gave in. I gave it a try not expecting to actually find someone but when I matched with Carl, we hit it off instantly. He was so funny and charming so we exchanged numbers and then agreed to meet for coffee the following week.

When we met for coffee that day, Carl told me that he had just gotten a divorce from his wife (46F) of many years who he has one daughter (25F) with. I was fine with this, I’m not really the jealous type of person and he had assured me that he was ready to move on and that their relationship had been dying for ages. The first date went well and after a few more successful dates, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was over the moon as I really liked Carl.

I have always been very passionate about my work. I’m a nurse so my job is very demanding and intensive which means I work most nights during the week but still, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I thought this may be a problem with Carl when we first started dating as I wouldn’t be available most nights and during the day after working a shift, I would be catching up on sleep and therefore, not available to see him or talk to him. However, this was not the case. Carl thought it was perfect as he told me that he had a very busy schedule too with his work, business appointments and making time to see his daughter.

Carl told me that he was always free on a Tuesday which happened to align perfectly with my work schedule as I didn’t work on Monday or Tuesday nights. He started coming over to my house every single Tuesday, pretty much every single week since and that was five years ago.

Here’s where it starts to get a little bit weird though. Since we agreed to see each other on Tuesdays, Carl has come to my house every single Tuesday 11am-3pm but refuses to see me any other day and out of that time frame. He has always arrived perfectly on time at 11am and always left promptly at 3pm - no exceptions. As well as this, every single time he comes over, he brings this tiny, dirty chihuahua along with him. Well last week, I found out that this dog he has been bringing ng belongs to his ex wife. His excuse for this was that he likes taking the dog on walks and they do 10 miles of walking everyday together but he works too much to commit to getting a dog for himself. I found this to be really odd but I didn’t question him about it any further. I know 10 miles might seem like a lot to walk the dog every day and to be honest, I don’t nt quite believe it myself but I know that he does walk the dog regularly as every Wednesday and Thursday he calls me whilst he walks the dog. This is always between 4pm-6.30pm with again, no exceptions. He always ends the call at exactly 6.30 and always calls at exactly 4.

Anyways, a couple years ago I got the dreaded call that my dad died. I was absolutely distraught as he was my biggest supporter and was always there for me. I asked Carl if he would come to the funeral with me but he refused as the funeral was being held on a Sunday and not during his allotted time to to see me, Tuesdays 11am-3pm. Of course I was upset by this but eventually, I convinced myself that he was probably just busy.

Fast forward another year, I had become very sick and I had ended up in hospital, it was so serious that the doctors had told me I would have died had I have waited another day to seek medical help. I called Carl in despair and asked if he would bring me some clothes I had at home and drop them off at the hospital. Carl refused because I had asked him on a Saturday and not on a Tuesday. I was in so much pain, I was in the hospital for months. I constantly begged Carl to see me and again, he refused unless it was on a Tuesday at 11am-3pm.

The final reason that made me think my boyfriend may be cheating on me with his ex wife was last month at his daughters wedding. The wedding was to be held in Italy and the plan was for Carl and his ex-wife to fly out there together four days before the wedding and for me to fly out by myself a day before the wedding. Carl’s daughter had rented out a huge, luxurious villa for close family and friends to stay in before and after the wedding. I thought this was perfect - I have never spent the night with Carl so I thought us sharing a bed would be a huge turning point in our relationship. That was until I found out that Carl and his ex wife would be sleeping in the villa and I would be sleeping in a converted barn by myself at the bottom of the villa garden. I asked Carl if I could please sleep in the villa with him but he refused so I refused to go to the wedding and stay home.

On top of this, I have never been to Carl’s house, in fact, I don’t even know where he lives and he has me blocked on all of his social media. I can only contact him on what’s app.

I think Carl may have been lying to me when we first met about his divorce to his wife. I’m starting to get the impression that he is actually having an AFFAIR with me and cheating on his wife. He’s so secretive with me and appears to still have a lot of contact with her. Or maybe they decided to rekindle their relationship after their divorce? Or maybe I’m overthinking and they are just really close friends, I mean they do have a daughter together. So reddit, am I being crazy? What should I do?

EDIT Thank you everyone for your helpful insight and comments, I have been trying to read through them all. For all those saying this story isn’t real, I can assure you that it 100% is, obviously now I am having severe doubts about him and what he has told me I’m realising how stupid I looked in this relationship. Some of you don’t seem to realise that when you’re truly in love you really don’t want to lose that person. For those offering helpful advice thank you. I have a plan in place for when I see him this Tuesday and I will update you all after that!

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Venting I fucked a potato when I was 14...


Edit: My brother got on the computer when I forgot to log out. This is not a real story lmao, this is copypasta u/phyduex2000 is a piece of shit lmao. Gave me the scare of my life after getting out of my classes at college, thought someone had gotten my account info.

I fucked a potato when I was 14. I got the idea from a radio show and thought that it might feel good. I cut a hole long ways through the middle and used it to jerk off. It wasn't enjoyable at all and I remember the guilt and shame I felt as I snuck a broken, cum covered potato to the side of the house to throw it in the garbage can. It smelled weird as well. I told some friends at school and it became pretty common knowledge, not that I cared. I never really had too much of a problem getting laid in my school years and I think me and that potato taught a lot to each other. Some of the girls who heard about it found it kind of intriguing. Looking back on it that potato was the only thing I've fucked that didn't lie to me and betray me. It was there when I needed it, it didn't talk and performed its duties admirably (though it was a bit cold, rough, and slimy) and it probably would have fed me if I needed it to. And I discarded it like so much flotsam in a sea of mediocrity. I'll pay for this mistake for the rest of my life. Some times at night when I can't fall asleep I still think about you, noble spud. I'm sorry I didn't mash you the way you needed me to, I was young and stupid. Now you're in a landfill and I'm in a bigger, more putrid landfill they call the United States. Maybe on some other life we can, you know...

Edit: I literally got a message from reddit about somebody being worried about my mental health.

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Venting I Had To Put My 14 Yr Old Dog Down Last Night...


And I wasnt ready. He was perfectly fine until about 9 pm... Then his stomach became swollen and he was in pain. It was GDV (bloat, where the stomach swells and twists and chokes itself) and at his age and size the surgery required would've been risky and his life expectancy afterwards was maybe a year... He was a border collie mix ...

I'm 34M and never cried as much as I have last night. I'm not ready to live my life without my best friend. We've been so much together. But I know he's better off no longer in pain. I love you Bandit. I miss you.

Edit: thank you all for your kind words they mean a lot coming from complete strangers. Luckily I saved a ton of PTO and I'm taking a few days off of work. I just dunno how to tell my kids when they get home from school. They're 8 & 5. Bandit was with me long before they were, before I even met their mother... I just can't stop crying. My eyes hurt. It's not fucking fair.

Edit 2: told my kids and they seemed okay, explained to them everything and the choice I had to make and they agreed it was the better one. But I still can't stop crying. I loved him so much. My buddy is gone forever now...

Edit 3: Just FYI I'm reading every single comment on this post. I'm so sorry most of y'all lost a fur baby as well. This is the worst pain I've ever felt.

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Venting My dad told the whole plane I was severely autistic


23 at the time, now 27. We went to go visit my sister while she was studying abroad in France. All went well on the way there, we got window seats and it was pleasant. The issue was on the 7 hour flight back. While booking, my dad was told it would likely be empty and we’d have whatever seat we wanted. Well it was full and our seats were in the middle of the middle row. He whispered to me to just go along with whatever he said as we were boarding because there was no way in hell he’d sit in the middle row for 7 hours, I braced myself.. he decided to pull the stewardess aside (as ppl fill the plane) and inform her that he was assured he would be able to get a window seat even though we didn’t book one. She assured him the plane was full and she couldn’t do anything. He then glances at me and tells her “No you don’t understand, my son is severely autistic and he won’t make it through this flight without a meltdown if we don’t get a window seat. I freeze, I’m not an actor and he’s forcing me in this situation like an asshole. I decide to just stay quite and stare at my phone and play games. She whispers to him “what do you mean what type of meltdown?” he says bluntly in his feminine redneck voice ”oh honey you don’t wanna see it h’el be shittin and pissin pukin all over probably” They went back and forth for a minute of him convincing her as I stared at my phone. She went and talked to somebody, came back and told us to come with her to the back of the plane. We stood at the very back of the plane on the left side while she went up each row asking each pair of ppl if they would trade our seats for the crazy circumstances, by the third or fourth row she got some college aged dudes to trade seats for some flight vouchers or something.. so we got the window seats. My dad took the window lol. A steward guy came by and said if we needed anything at all let him know, I softly grunted at him. Flight went fine after, I just acted mute the when crew was around.

I do not condone such fuckery, I have friends with autistic kids and I love them dearly, and I’m probably on the spectrum too tbh. my dads just that type of asshole. He could write a book on unethical life hacks.

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Venting My (33F) partner (48M) just dropped our relationship and told me I wasn't worth it


So as it sounds above, I was in a 2 year relationship, it started as a typical casual situationship, I never meant to fall for him.

He was fresh out of a relationship at the time, so we agreed to take it slow. He has two children both in early 20s.

Once we started to become serious we talked through all pros and cons, talking through how people may see us (age gap) etc. And we agreed that while some may take time to come round, eventually it would work out.

Then the "I love yous" and "You are my soulmate" conversations came round, I truly believed we were in love, we connected perfectly on every level, intimate, emotional, intellectually, all of it.

And then a month ago, he told me he needed some space, no real reason, so I gave him some space, then he just told me I wasn't worth the risk for him anymore.....and has already moved on, I feel so completely broken, and confused. I'm lost and don't know how to get through this.

Best part, I work in the same office as him, and the person he moved on with, is two desks away from me.

I always believed in true love, and believed that when you are in love, everything, can be fixed.

But he just binned me off, with absolutely no conversation.

Crazy part, I think I still love him, but want to hate him.

How can I heal from this? Please help?

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Venting I’m 26 and I just found out I have Cancer…


Hello everyone. I (26f) have been dealing with health issues for awhile. At least 3 years… I felt something was off, but I kept ignoring it. When it got worse, my ex told me I was crazy. For a long time, I ignored all of the symptoms. Because they were minor and I just chalked it up to being an insomniac, sleep deprived, and emotional.

Finally, I got in an accident that forced my hand. I was not at fault, but I forgot my name, and was/still am in a lot of pain. That day, I was taken to the hospital to get a ct scan and X-rays of my neck, back, and head… Luckily, I had no fractures or torn ligaments, but there is some muscular trauma that still causes me pain. When I was being discharged, I was told that I had a small nodule on my adrenal gland, but it looked harmless, and it shouldn’t cause any symptoms.

Months went by and I wasn’t getting any better. The small city that I lived in did not have adequate healthcare and I could not get treated, so I quit my job, and I moved home to a much larger metropolitan area, with healthcare options galore. I questioned whether that was the right decision for awhile. I started going to pt, and finally saw an endocrinologist. Pt has helped a lot, but I am still not 100%. My Endocrinologist is amazing. She has diagnosed me with PCOS, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and vitamin-mineral deficiencies. She has been a god-send… here i was thinking I was crazy for three years. She noted the nodule on my thyroid and took a sonogram. She said that nothing looked out of place and it didn’t look suspicious, but ordered a biopsy anyway. After the biopsy, I made a follow up appt for months away bc of her busy schedule. I didn’t think twice about it.

I got a call a week later asking if I could come in early the next week. I immediately got a pit in my stomach. When I saw her a few days later, she told me that I have thyroid cancer. Since I had a feeling, I asked questions with a straight face. She told me I was taking it remarkably well. After the appointment, I got in my car and broke down.

It has been a few weeks since i found out. I am honestly still waiting for it to fully hit me. I’ve only told my family and a couple of close friends. I know more people would want to know, but I am writing about this here because I don’t want pity… I can’t stand it that my friends and family look at me like that when i tell them, or try to talk about it with them. The word cancer in and of itself is terrifying, but watching people react to you telling them you have it is worse.

I’m 26, I am young, I don’t want to go through chemotherapy, I don’t want to speak about it out loud because I will break down again, I don’t want to see my family or friends faces drop like that, and I know it’s kind of pointless to say, but I don’t want cancer. I feel hollow… I’m sad, I feel alone, I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do.

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone for the reassurance and kindness. I was just trying to vent and did not expect this post to get so much attention. I would like to clear up a few things… I am not sure what type of cancer it is. I have consultations set up with a few different surgeons because I will need a partial thyroidectomy. I do not know anyone who has had thyroid cancer so I feel like I am flying blind. Thank you so much for those of you who commented your encouraging words. I will try to update in the future throughout this process. I likely will have questions for those who have been through this before.

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Venting I was her backup plan…


About 20 years ago I met a woman who I had an instant attraction to. I found out she was recently divorced, I pursued her. She seemed interested.

I asked her out, we started dating, eventually we moved in together. This all happened over the course of 2 years. We were supposedly taking it slow because she was still sensitive about the break up of her marriage. I thought things were great and I was really in love. I was planning on asking her to marry me if things worked out with us living together.

After just 2 months I came home and she had packed all her things and informed she was going back to her ex and they were going to work things out. I was hurt, but I knew she still had feelings for him so, I wished her well and tried to be understanding. She said she waited until I was home to tell me in person, which I thought was weird since she decided to pack her belongings first. I had a vague feeling that she was just going to ghost me and I came home before she could leave.

She got back with her ex and I started dating other women again. After about a year she contacted me just to “see how I was doing” we talked and she let me know things didn’t work out for her and her ex and she wanted to see me again. I was still into her, so I agreed and we started dating again.

Another 6 months went by we moved back in together and everything was going great and I still wanted to settle down with her and she was also feeling the same.

Once again, after about 4 months this time, she comes to me and lets me know that she wants to date other men because she was still young and in her whole life she had only been with her ex husband and with me and she wanted to know what was out there.

Again, I wished her well and I moved out (She wanted to be roommates while she dated). I couldn’t do that, so I moved out.

I knew we would never be together after that and made up my mind to move on, but I was hurting.

Not even 2 weeks went by and I found out she had met another guy at her work (she was a bartender) and he was the reason she wanted to start dating again and didn’t seem to care when I told her I was moving out. I don’t know how long they were talking before I left but he moved in not even two weeks later.

When I found this out, I was hurting even more. It took 2 years before I could convince her to move in with me, but only two weeks for this guy.

I eventually start to get over it after about 6 months I’m still sad but seeing other women.

Around that time one of her friends contacted me and wanted to speak to me. I was confused because she was her friend, not mine and I didn’t feel we were particularly close.

So we meet and I’m dreading that it was a setup get me and her friend back together again. I still had feelings for her but no longer wished to pursue a relationship.

She starts the conversation by saying that it’s not her place but she felt I deserved better.

She goes on to tell me that her friend (my ex-girlfriend) had confided in her a long time ago that she “wasn’t really into me at all, but I was a good guy with a solid career and secure future to settle down with in case nothing better came along.”

I was stunned by this and it was like someone flipped a switch. Instantly, my feelings for this girl were gone. Thinking back, it all made sense, I knew it was true.

I always knew I wasn’t her first choice and I was ok with that, but to find out that I was her last choice killed whatever feelings I had left for her.

I thank her and paid the check and as I was leaving she warned me that things didn’t go well with the other guy and her friend had mentioned getting back together with me.

Sure enough a couple weeks went by she started texting me asking how I was doing, sending me provocative selfies, and even showing up at my usual hangouts.

I ignored the texts and pretended not to see at the club and made a quick exit the first time. The second time I was with a date and then I noticed that when she saw that, she made the hasty exit that time.

She seemed to get the message after that and didn’t contact me for a couple years after that.

I’m ashamed to say the last time she contacted me, I felt a grim satisfaction that she seemed desperate and lonely while hinting we should see each other again. Not going to lie, I still harbor resentment.

I’m settled down with a wonderful woman now and she knew that when she contacted me and still did anyway.

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Venting I regret raising my siblings


My mom went to federal prison when I was 17. She had been in and out of county jail for my entire childhood. Never drugs or prostitution. It was always retail theft, bad checks, etc. She had 6 children to 5 different men. 3 boys then 2 girls and then 1 boy. I’m the oldest child and she had me when she was almost 19. My youngest brother is 15 years younger than me.

She commited mortgage bank fraud and did almost 8 years in the Feds. My grandma helped us but died when I was 20 years old and she was also convicted of conspiracy for not cooperating against my mother and did 9 months in a federal prison. She died 9 months later after her release. No other family to speak of that would help.

I was able to gain full guardianship of my 2 brothers closest to me in age and one of my sisters. I maintained that guardianship for each of them until they were 18. My sister, however, was able to live with my mother for most of her teens because my mother was released by that time. My brothers however were over 18 or almost over 18 when she came home.

For anonymity sake, we’ll call my brother’s A & B and my sister C. My brother A is alive and well. He is employed, married to a nurse, owns a home and has 2 children. Brother A sounds great but there’s a reason for my regret.

Brother B is deceased. He was killed when he was 19 in 2016 by gunfire in a set up. He was killed by someone he called a friend who’d lured him there to sell him some weed. He had a girlfriend who was 5 months pregnant. She had the baby, my nephew.

Brother A got Brother B’s baby’s mom pregnant a year and a half later. Which gave me another nephew. Obviously, this did not go over well. Brother A was never in a relationship with her, nor did he intend to date her. Brother A didn’t play a part in his child’s life for the first year because of his wife (then girlfriend) and her disdain for the baby. Brother A was on drugs bad and very much lost in life. I was able to get him into rehab and since he’s gotten out of rehab, he’s slowly cut off his family because his wife forces him too. Brother A even tried to have our nephew from our deceased brother and his son separated unless 2 adults were present.

Brother A’s wife and my wife do not get along. Mainly because his wife is from a privileged background and we are not. There’s a culture clash and a judgmental feeling in the air during every interaction. This is not just with my wife, Brother A’s wife has this issue with our entire family. Our family still tried to love and accept her. However, she isn’t interested.

Brother A and his wife have a daughter. My family isn’t allowed to know her. He can’t stop us knowing his son because his son’s mother (remember she has a kid to our deceased brother too) is like a sister to my family. Which only makes the situation worse. Brother A was well aware of all of this and acted as if she was a sister to him as well, but clearly he wanted more. Brother A has made up disgusting things about our deceased brother’s 6 year old son and had his lawyer put it in writing in an attempt to separate his son and nephew.

Sister C is 18. She has a speech problem and is on the spectrum. However, she refuses to admit this as an adult. She does not work. She got her diploma online during Covid and cheated. She had Brother A’s wife do all of the work for her. She got pregnant at 17. We did not find out about the father until we’ll into her pregnancy.

Sister C continually lied about her child’s fathers age. She gave multiple ages and names. Finally, we found out he is the same as age as me. 14 years older than my sister, in his 30’s. She had the baby and within a month had a new boyfriend. She moved in with him. We had a major falling out over her lifestyle, her taking a newborn to a man’s house she barely knows, etc.

Sister C was involved in an incident between my other sister, herself and my mother in-law in which the police were called. This incident resulted in Sister C messaging me demanding I pay for her phone to be fixed. She had already gotten the front paid for and fixed by someone else. She was demanding I fix the back of her phone. When I refused, she tried to guilt me by saying I didn’t care about my niece. She would miss doctor appointments, etc because of this. Meanwhile, it was the back of her phone and she was literally communicating with me on her phone.

Sister C told me she knows more about being a parent because she has a baby and I don’t have children of my own. “Something you created” in her words.

So my 2 current step-sons who I’ve raised for the past 6 years, they don’t count because they’re not my blood. My siblings (including her) who I struggled to provide for and raise don’t count because they’re not my biological children.

So I raised 3 kids. One is dead. The other 2, I don’t even speak to. Honestly the disappointment they fill me with has me hurt beyond belief. I find myself crying when my wife isn’t around or when she’s asleep. I’m not ashamed for her to see me cry. I just don’t even have anything to say about it anymore.

Why was my brother taken? Why is my other brother acting this way toward me and his family? Why is my sister living like this? I raised all of them to be so much better people. I really tried. I was a kid but I was at every doctor appointment, school meeting, IEP meeting. I worked 7 days a week at 2 jobs. I gave up on going to college so I could work and provide for them. It cost me so much time and effort.

I regret not putting that time and effort into myself. I’m not where I want to be in life. I never imagined having a bad relationship with any of my siblings, especially the ones I raised. I feel like such a failure.

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Venting I ruined my mother's life for good and I don't regret it.


I am currently 20(m) this happened when I was 14, I'm really only telling this story to get some things off my chest.

My mother was never the best mother but I had managed for the first few years living with her after my mother and father had divorced when I had just turned 6. At 7 she had called me a mistake for being the only child she didn't plan for (I was the first born and had 2 little sisters), at she seemed to be disappointed in everything I did if it wasn't what she wanted me to do and even when I did what she wanted she was rarely happy about it, and at 9 she had even forgotten my birthday and tried to claim we celebrated it.

This all I was able to get through and manage fine till I turned 12, she had started drinking and was with a guy. This guy at the time I had thought was a pretty decent guy he always seem extra nice to me and it wasnt till years later I had realized he had been grooming me, but that is a story for another time.

When my mother started drinking all hell broke lose. She slowly stopped paying for hot water so she could by alcohol, I was forced to boil water so we could take baths and wash clothes and ended up getting burned on my chest pretty bad from a spilt pot of water. I had to treat the burn myself despite not knowinging what to do and being bed ridden for a week before it stopped hurting enough to actually get up and walk around. She would also pawn off my stuff so she could use the money from that as well and eventually she cheated on this her boyfriend with a girl who I'll call Lily.

Lily was awful, she and the guy got into fights a lot since he had to stay at the house and couldn't move anywhere. There was times when me this tiny 12 year old had to lock my little sisters in their rooms so they wouldn't see what was happening and then would have to clean up blood from bites and broken glass. He eventually left after a very bad fight, I thought things would get better but it seemed since he was gone Lily was mad she didn't have a punching bag anymore so turned onto me instead. She would instigate me or just simply start a fight, most the time it ended with me pinned to the floor and my mother would have just watched it happen sometimes would even seem proud of Lily for beating up a child. This went on for a year until my mother decided to abandon the house we were in and it's mortgage to go follow her girlfriend to Virginia.

We lived in a motel and my mother and Lily got hooked on substances and eventually we couldn't even pay for the motel anymore. We were homeless, I took on jobs on Lily's grandfather's property to pay for food and any other necessities I could afford and her Grandfather would take me to eat sometimes and go try to bargain at the local flea markets. I learned a lot about bargaining and how to get good deals. The man was great but sometimes I wished he would have done more, I don't think it would have mattered tho.

I don't know how my mother got past CPS for so many years despite many complaints and even my attempts to tell adults at my school about what was happening. That entire time my father didn't know what was going on, she kept telling him that me and my sisters didn't want to talk to him. She was using the child support to pay for her drugs and alcohol so I was left paying for food with what I would earn and it was not a lot, definitely not enough for 5 people. I spent many nights skipping meals. I would sneak home stuff from school lunches to give to my siblings if I didn't have enough money to pay for dinner that night. I got very thin during that year in Virginia, but I held out and finally my dad had threatened to take her to court if she didn't let us at least talk with him on the phone.

So she allowed it under her supervision but when my father asked if we wanted to visit that summer I sprung on the opportunity. This was my one chance to get my sisters away from this vile woman and her partner and I couldn't risk losing it so despite her trying to gesture no I said yes. After the call she was very angry with me and I didn't go unscathed that night but it worked. She couldn't refuse to let us see our dad because he has already heard with his own ears that we wanted to see him so that summer she dropped us off with my father. Let's just say the state were in was not a pretty sight for him. We all had our heads shaved by that time and it was still growing back from when we got lice and my mother was to lazy to treat it properly. We were malnourished and looked very small compared to normal children. My father said nothing at first but as soon as we got back to his home state he started asking us questions.

I told him the whole story and how I didn't want to go back with her. My intention was to just get my father to take me and my siblings in but karma bit my mother in the ass real nice. My father got in touch with my mother's side of the family and explained what was going on. They were very wealthy and ended up hiring a really good lawyer. My father married his now wife so that gaining custody would be easier then spent the summer taking me and him to Tennessee for court dates and such leaving my sister's with his wife upon my request so they wouldn't have to deal with something so terrifying as court at so young.

We ended up taking everything from my mother; her only income (child support), her children, visitation rights, she had police after her for child neglect, child abuse, substance abuse, abandoning her mortgage, and more. After it was over I had felt so relieved, my mother of course had to leave me with one more f you by calling me on my 14th birthday but it didn't matter it was over and we were free from her and her psycho girlfriend. I cut all contact with my mother and so have my sisters.

The last 6 years have been rough but it will always be better than the hell that my mother put me through. Now I am working as a cook/supervisor at a restaurant helping my parents pay bills and saving to go to trade school for welding. I will always be thankful to my father for taking me away from that vile woman and hope that now my little sisters will get to live a childhood I didn't get to. Sometimes I look her up on facebook I guess in hopes that she had changed. I never see change she has lost a lot of weight and is still homeless hopping from house to house since no one will accept her to rent a place when she puts her name down anywhere and I can't help the little bit of satisfaction I feel seeing the nightmare she is living after having lived in the nightmare she had created for so long.

Edit: to those who had to read my big horrid block of text I am so sorry. I'm not used to writing something so long and honestly just didn't think about paragraphs. I did this before I slept so I didn't even get to see the comments about paragraphs till I woke up so I thank y'all for the patience and that person who ended up converting it into paragraphs in the comments. I also appreciate the support and kind words people have commented. Some folks have mentioned therapy and I do want to say when I've got my finances worked out and I'm done with trade school I will most likely seek out therapy to try and help with some of the problems I had to deal with.

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Venting My moms church friend aired my dirty laundry to the whole grocery store today


*tw drug abuse

I (25f) was visiting my parents today. Had a bit of a cookout. Ran to the store with my mom, step dad, and my little brother for some ketchup and Lipton onion soup mix (for the burgers).

While at the store, we ran into some of my moms church friends, a couple. Let’s call the husband J and the wife K.

K excitedly approached me in the store and told me she was so proud of me for all of my achievements.

She then YELLED: “to think you were stealing gabapentin from your step dad and now you’ve gone to all this”

For those who are not familiar, gabapentin is a nerve pain pill for people with diabetes. I am not proud of what I did. I had a problem when I was in high school (7 years ago) and have moved on from the habit and built trust with my family to a very solid point. I live a healthy lifestyle now, and I am proud of what I have achieved for myself.

Back to the story.

So, I was standing there shocked that she just aired my dirty laundry to the whole fucking store (thankfully not many people). I immediately looked to her husband and silently pleaded, “please stop her.”

He got the message and started to walk away, but K did not get the message. No, she continued to disrespect me in front of my mom and brother.

She said she used to judge me and didn’t think I would become anything, but now she is so proud of me.

She was smiling and so happy the whole time, as if I should be happy with her and proud of her for moving on from her shady feelings for me. Feelings that I had moved on from having towards myself, which took a lot of time and healing. Feelings that she just reminded me of on a day where I am happy and with my family.

We continued to see her throughout the store and I just felt sick to my stomach. My mom asked me if I was okay. I just wanted to get out of there. My mom said that K was not justified in her behavior, but she thought K was having an outburst because she is going through a lot of things.

I know K did not get it. I think J or someone will probably explain to her later. Doesn’t matter, the damage is done. I am embarrassed and shocked. I am also a bit mad because this woman, who I barely know, has probably told the whole town while I’ve been gone living my life. I am from a small town so I feel like everyone probably knows my dirty little secret. At least I do not live there anymore. I blocked them both on FB so they can no longer see my achievements.

ETA some details that may enhance this story:

The town that I live in is full of drugs. My mother has had problems with drugs. My step dad was a meth addict. Most people I encountered in my daily life had problems with drugs. Most of these drugs were ‘worse’ than gabapentin, like meth, oxycodone, and heroin.

As people have pointed out in the comments, gabapentin is actually used for a multitude of things and it is not widely seen as addictive or even worth taking to get high. I felt the buzz from it, but obviously the worst part is that I was stealing it from my step dad. I am thankful he has forgiven me and that he never had to go without his medication as a result of my behavior. (His dr would always just prescribe more thinking that he was just taking more as needed.)

My mom was heavy in the church. I am guessing that she probably asked all of her friends to pray for me and this is how K knew.

Throughout my addiction, I was highly functional and I was top in my class. K wrote me off to be a low life, but I was never in trouble. I ended up getting a full ride to a prestigious university and have had a lot of opportunities to travel.

It’s honestly a miracle I made it out. A lot of people from my small town truly do not get to experience much. Most people haven’t even been out of state. And now that I am literally living my best life, I think she felt some weird need to put me in my place or something.

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Venting They're trying to get me to date my step-cousin and I'm losing my mind over it


I (16F) am being pressured by my step-dad to date someone from his family.

I'm in a public high-school and the person he wants me to date is 17 and homeschooled in a different state. The guy has a crush on me... like a big one. I think he's sweet and all but there's also a lot of other factors.

For starters... he's my step-cousin. That's just weird in my mind I guess. Second, and the most importantly, I'm already in a relationship. My mom, step-dad, and biological dad knew about it since we got together.

I've been with my current partner (15F) for almost a year now. It will officially be a year in a few weeks. I love her very much and we're in a good relationship. I know high-school relationships don't tend to last but I'm not gonna think of it that way because I care about her.

I hate calling him my step-dad so we'll call him James or something. James has been trying to get me and my step-cousin (we'll call him Adam) to date since we met. Me and Adam get along well. We tend to walk around together whenever there are some dumb parties we have to go to.

We got closer and James began making fun of us. I've known Adam since I was 12 and he was 13. We just became better friends because we had so much in common and yet our lives were so different.

James keeps calling us "lovebirds" and it's starting to make me really uncomfortable and pissed off. I'm with someone I care about and it just feels so gross for him to say that stuff. I don't wanna reciprocate it. I've been trying to avoid Adam somewhat in hopes to get him to lose feelings and also to hopefully make the teasing die down.

It's not working. I'm losing my shit. I apologize if this is long or seems dumb, not the worst thing in my life but its just so irritating.

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Venting My friend is a flat earther, an ignorant one for that matter


My friend is a flat earther, an ignorant one for that matter

A friend of mine and I have been debating about this for a while, but today is when I said, 'Oh God, you're stupid.'

He's been not only talking about how the earth is flat, but also about how the moon and sun is. He goes a notch higher to think that the planets don't exist, and that there are no satellites in space. He thinks the sun and moon move around the earth (earth is stationary, well according to him). He's certain that earth is the only planet with life. While that may be true, it's a really long stretch to speak with such certainty as we don't yet have the technology to confirm that. He's a learned guy btw, and if I ask him to back his claims, he says about how scientists are liars and how they just tell people things to mislead them. While I know it's true the government and scientists may cooperate to lie about some sensitive issues, I don't find any reason to lie about the shape of the earth.

He said he's going for a 5 month research period, and he'll be back to debunk my supposed 'lies/theories.' Well, I'll be prepared for him but I don't think I can argue with someone with such a made-up mind. I just told him to carry his research with the aim of getting the truth, and not with the aim of proving his point.

What's your experience with flat earthers?

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Venting My boyfriend's mom did not accept me to be her son's future fiancé because of my genes


So basically, I (female 21) have been with my boyfriend (male 23) for 2 years and it was the best 2 years of my life. We are Muslims and I just know that some Muslim parents are strict but yea this just went to another level. I am not a Hijabi girl and when I got in the relationship with my partner I knew that in order for his parents to say yes I had to wear the Hijab and I was okay with it. Fast forward, 1 year into our wonderful relationship, his mom was making so many problems because she did not know who I was and she thought I might not be the one for his son. Yesterday, I met his parents. We went to a fancy restaurant and we had a wonderful dinner, then his father started the conversation in a very cute way, asking me about his son why did I chose him etc. Then the Hijab conversation started and his mother explained to me that this is what ALLA (swt) asked us to do, she stated a lot of reasons and I was okay with everything, she asked me to do this and that and this and I always said yes anything you want I will make it come true because I just love my boyfriend so much and I really want a future with him. Then she said out of the blue that she (her and her family) really care about how they dress and about their bodies and that it is a must for everyone to practice sports and make sure they eat healthy. I was very confused, I did not understand if this was meant for me, I started to wonder is she talking about my body, mind you that I am not fat and I am not skinny I just have this lil tummy and a small double chin, and I was wearing a t-shirt that was very chic and all. So, silly me just thought that she's like my future mother in law, I should take it as if my mom was telling me to take care of my health and all. The dinner is over, I get back home and I text my boyfriend to see what his parents told him, he told me that they have not talked yet. Today, oh I wish I didn't wake up today, I went to work happy, I was happy like just feeling very at ease because everything went perfect. I called my boyfriend he was crying his eyeballs out, I asked, what happened love? what's the matter? tell me, is everything all right? Fast forward, he told me that his parents are okay with everything, but they refuse to let him marry me, like she refused to let this relationship go any further because of my body and the way I look. I was stunned, I did not now what to say, I just looked at him crying through the screen and I was speechless. What's funny about it is that I always thought the only reason that might cause lots of problems is me not wearing the Hijab, but since I told them that I would wear it, what's the matter now? She specifically told him that with a body and a face like mine (she specified and told him that I was ugly asf even though I consider myself very pretty, I am not Maddison beer but I am actually pretty) I will probably give our kids bad genes and that I will fudge up the whole family. So I am sitting there on the video call, watching him cry and I was thinking how is she even a mother of 3 daughters? what will she do if anyone said this to her daughter, she'd rip out his face, but saying it to other girls its fine. Guys I am literally in so much pain rn, I cannot describe the feeling that is haunting me, I have been crying for hours now and I did not get anything done at work, What should I do?

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Venting I had an online relationship only to find out she’s 14


Me 18M was in a 3 year long relationship with Allison (fake name). I never actually doubted anything and by looking back on it it’s just crazy to me how she hid it. Allison always spoke very mature and sounded my age. We exchanged faces at the time we met. She is in Texas and I am in New Jersey so we couldn’t really meet. We never video chatted, only called because I was very busy with my life and was just very busy overall. Allison stood by me for 3 years and when we met I was 15 and she was 11 I wouldnt have spoken to her at all because I am not a predator at all but then everything went downhill when I found out. I called her FUMING because I looked her up on instagram only to find out that she was FOURTEEN. I immediately told her to lose my number and asked her how she did it. She told me that she was sorry and that she loved me but I told her that I am not a predator and that im never going to jail for grooming anyone and then I blocked her on everything. I am just so regretful and scared because I completely had no clue that this girl I thought was 18 was a child. Needless to say im never online dating ever again and I do not suggest you do.

EDIT: Just for the record I am 22 now. Sorry for the confusion. I was really looking for someone to connect with but more than a friend of yk what I mean, hard to explain. Not looking for anything sexual at that time because I do not believe in sex before marriage. Let me make that clear. Some of you think im a sucker but I only looked her up when I was 18 because she was acting off but I genuinely didn’t know it was two people. By acting off I meant I thought she was cheating, we didn’t exchange socials and for that I was dumb but all I had to do was look up her name. I will not be going to court. Because her sister who was the one who helped her fool me was the one who I spoke to on the phone. Looking back on it I see that it was just a scam to file a lawsuit or put me in jail but they caught feelings and I didn’t know at that time. Looking back on it these years and hours I do understand that some of it was my fault and im sorry for the confusion.

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Venting My friend committed suicide yesterday because of a girl


My friend Tom (24 m) and me Scott (23 m) have been friends for 12 years we met in middle school and have been friends Since. When we were in high school he met a girl named Mary. They began talking and eventually dating. When they graduated they got married, settled down and had 2 kids. Everything was great for him until she had confessed to him that she used him (side note Tom worked a well paying company job and was quite wealthy) she filed for divorce and took his kids and the house he lived with his mother & father for a while until she died in a car accident along with his father. This threw him into a depression he over ate drank and told me on several occasions that he wanted to commit suicide. While on the way from the bar he got a call from Mary demanding child support. He didn’t have the money because he blew it all on drugs and alcohol. He demanded that his children be put on the phone and when they finally were they only told him how much they hated him. He later he hung himself. I am now reading his suicide note he wrote to me his last friend he took his life by hanging himself.

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Venting Girlfriend cheated, should I move on


Start of the year I found a photo in my girlfriend of 4yrs wallet. It was of her and another man and his kid. It was one of those Santa photos , taken back in 2021. I then questioned her on in and she said it was just a photo of her and a friend

Fast forward 3 months. My girlfriend had asked me for a weekend to herself , her brother was going away for the weekend, so she asked me if she could stay at his place and just have a weekend to herself. I questioned it, but then agreed and I said I would then spend the weekend at my paents place, both these locations are 1hr from our home.

Come to the weekend of her alone time. I am dropped off at my parents as my car was already there, she sends me a text stating she had to drive an hour back up as she forgot the keys to his place, which I felt something was wrong with this. So I just messaged her to say to let me know that she got back to his safely.

As it becomes night , in my head I'm questioning why we are sleeping 15mins apart from each other, so what I do is drive to the brothers house and to my surprise her vehicle was not there.

So what I do is drive back up to our place, I try to unlock the front door, but the key jams, i finally get it open and my girlfriend walks from the bedroom, looking like she has put effort in, with sexier bed wear that usual,

She walks me outside and says there is a friend in their and gives the name of the guy in the Santa photo. So I try to walk back up in to the house and she is physically stopping me from entering the house

She makes a bang on the wall and out from the bedroom comes a naked man.

I then let her close the door, shocked and sit out the front of the house. She called the police

3 police cars came as they believed it was a domestic, I talked with them for 45mins and they said I should just leave the area , so I left with a basket full of clothes.

Cue to now, she says she is willing to work on this relationship and do what it takes, but she still is acting secretive, some notables things being, 1. I've had my clothes hidden again, 2. Refuses to accept my Follow request on instagram , 3. Anytime I'm near her , she puts her phone away. 4. Says she can't trust me as I have been through her stuff, 5. Can't get answers from her as she says her psych is saying not too. 6 Lastly, she has tried to commit as I have told her I am leaving , twice. So I don't want that on me

I know to move on ,but the question is how