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Social I got laughed at by the girl I went on a date with, and got probably posted and humiliated on TikTok NSFW


This happened a couple of days earlier.

One "popular" girl in our class texted me like a week ago and just started chatting with me. It felt weird and out of nowhere, since we have never talked like this before, but I just went with the flow and texted back. What's the worst that could happen? I thought.

We actually had similar interests. One night we talked for hours about our favorite videogames. I slowly started to feel attracted to her.

After finally mustering some courage, I asked her out, and she happily accepted. We met up two days later, and I saw her hanging out with her friends.

When I approached them to say hi, they suddenly burst out laughing. One of them even said about posting this on something and started recording.

I didn't feel surprised, because I already heard that this kind of prank is kind of popular, so I just walked out being disappointed and sad while still hearing their obnoxious giggling.

Yesterday, some people even texted me, calling me a loser and a bunch of other names, saying that I never had a chance with a girl like her. I blocked everyone and disabled my accounts.

Why must life be like this :(

Edit: Thanks for the comments of encouragement, I read all of them

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Social What you pickin? For me it’s A5A

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Social Which are you deleting?

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Social What’s the worst reason you’ve had to go to the hospital for? NSFW


I’ll start:

I fucked up my face while attempting to impress a girl at the swimming pool by slamming my head into the side of the pool whilst trying to do a flip. Had to get surgery to remove the pieces of tooth that was lodged in my jaw.

I suffered a testicular torsion that - by many regards - is one of the worst pains a male can experience. Basically the blood flow to one of my testicles was cut off because the blood vessels in my balls twisted together. I study medicine, so I knew what was happening and got surgery before I lost a ball.

I should make this post nsfw shouldn’t I.

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Social Which song made you feel like this

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Social guess my age

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like my new beanie?? need opinions

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Social I will tell you what your name looks like.


I have synesthesia (undiagnosed but pretty obvious). Most names have a colour, some have other visual stimuli attached. Comment your first name and I'll tell you what it looks like.

edit: gonna eat an unhealthy amount of mac n cheese and respond to everyone later

edit2: theres so many comments, you're gonna have to give me some time

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Social What’s a secret you could never tell your parents and why do you feel you can’t tell them? NSFW


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Social Let’s play a little game, I’ll go first

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Social guess my age 🔥🤯

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Social Fuck all these posts about sex, what's your favorite cereal?

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Social My girlfriend just broke up with me and im broken


Yeah... My gf (we had been together for 11 months) broke up with me... And not because she lost interest... Not because I did smth bad to her Not because of anything like that

Because... She wants to improve at life... and she loves me too much to focus on improving on skills... So she broke up with me

Yeah, thats really fair, yeah, im not crying, you are... Of all things I never expected my gf to break up with me... Because she loves me too much? Yeah, theres surely no other better way to deal with this... Idk... Im so lost... So full of despair... So just... I feel lost... I dont know what to do... I loved her so much... I still do... So much... And the worst part is that she loves me too... It sucks so bad It sucks, it really really sucks and I dont know what to do I feel like my world fell apart haha...

So yeah what have u guys been up to haha

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Social What was the closest you've gotten to dying? NSFW


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Social Did I Go to far? He calls girls that All the time and I’m sick of it

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Social my cat is gonna die within 3 hour.. just wanted to share some of the pictures i have of him before he dies


the last one is the best picture i have of him

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Social Overhead classmates threatening to beat up trans girls


They talked about following her to the bathroom, sexually and violently assaulting her while laughing about it. They mentioned other trans students and referred to them as "it" as if they're subhuman.

Why do people hate trans people so much?

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Social What kind of crimes would I commit?

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Social The best ice cream flavor in the world is vanilla, what is your favorite flavor?

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Social Give me your 5 most used emojis, and I’ll rate you on the ✨basic white girl scale✨💅


I think that this is the only one that can be done for real like this, I wanna see how many of u are npc’s🗣️‼️💯

EDIT: JUST TO BE CLEAR, 0/10 means you’re NOT a white girl st all, 10/10 means You’re the WHITEST BASICEST GIRL IVE EVER SEEN


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Social Be proud, they think you’re the problem now instead of millennials.

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Social My little cousin is weird as hell NSFW


I’ll keep it short but today I was hanging out with my little cousin he’s going into 8th grade we were just chilling and he started talking about his gf and then asked me do you have a gf I said no but I had dinner with a girl last night which was true we got some pizza and watched a movie on the couch and first question bro asked was “did she have big tits” bro I just died.

Edit: just went bridge jumping with her and where having a great time. Mom calls me tells me my cousin is biking over and I see his smug ass face. We do a few more jumps and he joins in. On one of our last jumps I was already in the water and my cousin was getting out when she jumped her top came undone and she hurried to fix it. I’m not shiting you when I say he has never smiled so happily in his life. God I’m scared for when he grows up he for sure gonna be on a watchlist.

Edit: why so many of you asking how big 💀💀💀

Edit: Bro y’all are saying it’s normal and I guess it would be but he has gf bro.

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Social chat dont interact w me if you're younger than trollface

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Social there is no fucking way i just got this email

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Social MY BEST FRIEND IS OFFICIALLY CANCER FREE!! (stage 4, terminal diagnosis to complete recovery)

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Social Help I'm romantically being pursued by 1 person.

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